“Lessons Learned From Inside The Cockpit Of An Airplane” By Tom Chesser, One Of The Twenty Stories In LANDED FOR SUCCESS Volume III – Untold Stories

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Gordon So and Jey Jeyakanthan, the founders of Landed For Success, believe that everybody who has experienced numerous challenges can relate to one or more of these twenty amazing authors’ stories. Having their own ups and downs in the hope of a better future and will someday share their stories of how they have become successful.

There are many reasons why people immigrate to another country. It could be to escape war and violence or to seek refugee status. Individuals might be looking to obtain better health care, reunite with family members, or give their children a better future. They could want to escape poverty or marry someone from a different background. Last but not least, they should seek out better educational and job opportunities. Although immigrants are usually on a quest for a better future, they can face many challenges when they first arrive. These may include: difficulties finding affordable housing or finding a job, language barriers, dealing with

discrimination, lengthy and complicated waiting processes for citizenship, learning a new culture and the laws of a new country, financial challenges, and difficulties securing credit and trying to find the best public and social services programs. Adapting to new climates, such as the long and cold winter months, can be difficult in countries like Canada. This journey can be long, lonely, and fraught with many emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial challenges.

Similarly, the entrepreneurial journey can mirror a similar story of seeking a better future while facing challenges along the way. Raising the necessary capital, facing economic uncertainties, and not knowing where your next client or paycheck may come from are at the top of the list. One might also lack experience or education in the area of business they’ve started. And they are choosing the right business location, hiring the right employees while securing licenses and insurance, and understanding business taxation can also lead to many sleepless nights and worries. How they have overcome some of these obstacles will no doubt inspire others to define their own story and land for success.

In this book, people will find stories of immigrants and entrepreneurs alike who have experienced or have been told, “You’re just a dreamer, and you will never succeed” or “you will never be good enough.” They’ve had family members leave them, been bullied, been told they are not smart enough, and experienced poverty. This has often led to hurt, loneliness, and depression.

The good news is while reading through these pages, the stories of how nineteen authors have turned their dreams into reality will inspire others to live their dreams to the fullest.  Some have built multi-million dollar businesses and given back to their communities. Others are teachers, educators, successful realtors, insurance brokers, mompreneurs, life coaches, authors, business coaches, social media influencers, beauty queens, and top inspirational and leadership development coaches. In this book, people will find successful start-ups and those who have given back to the community to help youth with special education needs.

Landed For Success encourages people to read the book from cover to cover and then go back and read each author’s story independently. Take notes, underline, and mark up the parts that most resonate with their lives. Walk away with at least one or two ideas that can help them on their personal journey as they choose to write their own story! 

Chapter 1, “My Why” by Jey Jeyakanthan

Chapter 2, “Living a Purpose-Filled Life” by Dayana Stanislaus

Chapter 3, “A Better Way” by Sai Lee

Chapter 4, “Create Your Success Currency” by Lady JB Owen

Chapter 5, “The Sage In Me” by Shilpi Chanda

Chapter 6, “Lessons Learned From Inside The Cockpit of An Airplane” by Dr. Tom Chesser

Chapter 7, “Be in the Moment” by Rosetta Qadhi

Chapter 8, “A Step To Stardom” by Swapna Deb Roy

Chapter 9, “The Importance of Time in Life and Business” by Paul Joseph

Chapter 10, “Dance To Resilience” by Shanta Chanda Howlader

Chapter 11, “No Risk, No Glory” by Vuk Dulanovic

Chapter 12, “Dreams to Reality” by Rochelle Smith

Chapter 13, “When Life Gives You Lemons” – Create A Life You Love!” by Pamela Geiger-Park

Chapter 14, “To Flee or to Fight”.by Sutha Arulanantham

Chapter 15, “Significance Breeds Success” by Daniel Puder

Chapter 16, “A Google Ranking SEO Expert” by Zammy Zaif

Chapter 17, “SELF-DISCOVERY” by Dr. Aanchal Chaudhary

Chapter 18, “The Right Idea” by Dr. Gordon So

Chapter 19, “Life Chapters” by Patricia Stokes

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This is the third book of the International Best-Selling series by Landed For Success; Tom Chesser was in the 2nd edition entitled. Going From Burnout to Victory shares stories of individuals’ life lessons to overcome any obstacle they face. After its release, Tom Chesser received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in International Business. Dr. Chesser already has a degree in Theology and has spent many years ministering to the needs of others. He has over 35+ experience in sales and marketing. Currently, he owns Rise Up Media & Marketing, where he provides media-worthy stories to hundreds of major media outlets such as Authority PressWire, Business Innovators, Small Business Trendsetters, and as host of Business Innovators Radio and Rise Up Radio, where he interviews top-performing professionals who make a difference in the lives of others. He is also the PR and director of operations for Traverse TV.

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Tom Chesser

Tom Chesser is the owner of Rise Up Media and Marketing. He has a featured show, Rise Up Radio, an online broadcasting podcast.
He is a credited contributing writer for Small Business Trendsetters, Business Innovators Magazine, and host for Business Innovators Radio. He has his own Authority Agency in San Antonio, Texas, serving all of Texas & beyond. Tom is a Top-Performing Professional in the Media and Marketing industry with over 30 years of experience.