Major Boxing Event: Tevin Farmer Vs. Mickey Bey, On August 12, 2022, At The Findlay Toyota Center, In Prescott Valley, AZ, Will Be Streamed Live On

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The fight was initially ticketed for Accra, Ghana, due to changing Covid restrictions; the card then was moved to Dubai (UAE). for May 2, 2022–Former world champions Tevin Farmer and Mickey Bey were to square off against each other in a 10-round lightweight bout on Saturday, May 21, at the Coca-Cola Arena Dubai (UAE) However, due to the death of the UAE President Sheikh on May 13, 2022, the fight was canceled. The fight has been moved to August 12, 2022, at the Findlay Toyota Center, In Prescott Valley, AZ, and will be streamed live on for only $29.99

Farmer vs. Bey is a historical event, but what’s it unique is that Bey (23-3-1, 11 knockouts) and Farmer (30-5-1, 6 K.O.’s) set this up themselves. Mickey Bey once held the IBF lightweight title. Tevin Farmer once held the IBF junior lightweight title. Bey hasn’t fought since he dropped a split decision to current lightweight world champion George Kambosos in 2019. Farmer hasn’t fought since he lost the IBF junior lightweight belt to Jo Jo Diaz in 2020. So, naturally, since the pair didn’t have dance partners lining up to fight either of them, they decided on their own to fight each other in a 10-round lightweight bout on August 12, 2022, at the Findlay Toyota Center.

Bey and Farmer made this fight after it came up on social media from former lightweight world champion Teofimo Lopez, who thought Farmer should fight Haney. Bey thought Haney was too much for Farmer, but he volunteered himself to fight Farmer. Bey got in touch with one of Farmer’s people; they began talking and, through some contacts, got this venue,

Tevin Farmer – Headliner:

Farmer is an American professional boxer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who held the IBF super featherweight title from 2018 to 2020. Farmer started boxing late as boxers’ age goes. Still, once Tevin began, he moved his career along very fast by fighting more than any other fighter in the boxing business at the time, fighting six professional bouts a year; this is unheard of in this era of boxing today; most fighters are fighting twice in one year, six fights are getting it done. Farmer, who is right-handed but fights in a southpaw stance, is known for his old-school style and slick defensive skills with 37 Bouts, 30 Wins, and 6 K.O.’s—pattering his boxing style after one of the great Southpaws of the 80s, Parnell Whitaker with slick head movement. Now after not fighting for two years cause of the Pandemic. He is excited about returning to the ring to regain his World Title.

Farmer won the IBF Super Featherweight title on August 3, 2018, with a 12-round unanimous decision over former world champion Billy Dib. He went on to make four successful defenses over James Tennyson, Francisco Fonseca, Jono Carroll, and Guillaume Frenois. In his last bout, Farmer dropped his belt to Joseph Diaz Jr. on January 30, 2020. Farmer also has wins over Angelo Ward (1-0), Tim Witherspoon Jr. (6-1-1), Tyrone Luckey (4-1-1)l, Camilo Perez (9-0, Noel Echievarria (11-1), Emanuel Gonzalez (14-0), Viktor Chernous (15-1-1), Angel Luna (10-0-1), Daulis Prescott (30-2, former world champion Gamaliel Diaz, Ivan Redkach (19-1-1), and Dardan Zenunaj (12-2).

Mickey Bey – Headliner

Mickey Bey, A ring veteran of 17 years, started boxing at a much earlier age, a young 8-year-old; he and his brother both fought, and Mickey ended up on the Olympics team even though he did not get a Medal. Bey is a 2x lightweight IBF champion. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, where he made his professional boxing debut at 21 against Shane Gierke. Bey had one set of grandparents who grew up with Don King. His other grandparents grew up with Al Haymon. Those two men are Bey’s inspiration. Bey has fought in 28 professional fights and has a record of 23 wins, three loses, one draw, and one no-contest. And 11 K.O.’s. Bey is also known as a great trainer with lightweight champion Devin Haney amongst others. Mickey Bey found himself on Top of the World.

Bey won the IBF Lightweight title with a 12-round split decision over Miguel Vazquez on September 13, 2014, in Las Vegas. He dropped the title when he lost a split decision to Rances Barthelemy on June 3, 2016. Bey also has wins over Rashad Ganaway (10-1-1), Alejandro Rodriguez (12-3), Jose Herrera Garcia (32-5) and Naim Nelson (12-0). In his last fight, Bey lost a split decision to current undisputed lightweight champion George Kambosos on December 14, 2019, in New York.

Bey, now 39, knows the end is near. What this fight may do is set up where the next phase of his life heads. If he wins, he feels, he’s still a viable 135-pounder. If he losses, he can segue right into where his future may be as a trainer and fight promoter. “This would be so good of a win for me, and I’ll surprise people with how good I look because I take care of myself, but if I win, I will fight two, three more times at the most,” said Bey, who has worked with and trained Devin Haney. “Tevin and I are showing everybody how fights can be made. Every fighter needs to think about what they will do after their careers are over. “Enough fighters don’t do that. That’s the lane I want to be in after my career is over, on the promotional side of things or in an advisory lane and help fighters out on that end, more so than even training. I think many fighters worldwide need help to get better counsel when it comes to making the right decisions. I’m a focused person. I get my training and run my businesses here in Las Vegas. We’re getting help on the side. This is borderline crazy. I’m 39 and come back and beat Farmer. Tevin needs this fight as well. “Boxing is the best worldwide sport, and it just needs a few tweaks to get back up again,” Bey said. “Tevin and I created this. I want to spread ideas everywhere. We need to get the younger fighters on the same page. We can ensure we give the fans a bang for the buck.”


Lorenzo “Truck” Simpson is a rising star 21-year-old undefeated professional boxer and a southpaw with skills and power from Baltimore, Maryland. With 90 thousand followers on Instagram, this social media savvy fighter is also on the American Olympic Team. With 11 Bouts, 11 Wins, and 7 K.O.’s. Lorenzo said, “My coach gave me the name ‘Truck.’ It’s stayed with me and will lead to many big things. I don’t feel the pressure; it comes when you don’t believe in yourself, but this has been my dream my whole life, and I’ve been grinding for it and working. “I owe a lot to my uncle Raheem. We go the entire way together; without me, there isn’t him, and without him, there isn’t me; we are like a package. “Signing with MTK Global is amazing. They’ll help build and push me along and move me towards becoming the legend and champion I need to be. Lorenzo Simpson is still swinging for the top.

Mohamed Aryeetey is a flyweight prospect. Mohammed “Golden Boy” Aryeetey is from Jamestown, Ghana. Aryeetey’s boxing journey started in 2008 when he was only five years old. He engaged in local fights within Jamestown in Accra, where he grew up, and convinced his Denmark-based uncle, former boxer Charles Aryeetey, to teach him the sport. Aryeetey also trained under Gabriel Allotey at the Sea View Boxing Club when his uncle moved back to Copenhagen. He fought at juvenile and amateur levels and was part of the Ghana national team, the Black Bombers, from 2018 to 2020 before turning pro. With 7 Bouts, 7 Wins, and 5 K.O.’s.

Tramaine Dashon Williams, “The Mighty Midget,” is from New Haven, Connecticut, an American professional southpaw boxer who held the IBF-USBA and WBO-featherweight titles from 2019 to July 2020. With 21 Bouts, 19 Wins, and 6 K.O.’s. At 19-year of age, Williams made his professional debut on April 14, 2012, against Jesse Anguiano, and Tramaine won by technical knockout (TKO). As a professional athlete, Williams has been performing for 10 years.

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