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People have spent at least twenty years in the education system getting a piece of paper that promises a passport that will give them what they need in their lives. To be able to do a job and earn a living. Money & You can help fix that scenario

“Most people spend their lives earning a living rather than designing their lives.” ~ R Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller

They have learned to work hard and put in the hours and energy to get ahead. Work hard to develop careers with the hope that life will get better. Yet, for many people, whilst the monetary reward gets better over time, there are other costs that also increase at a disproportionally higher rate – their responsibilities and stress levels increase — sacrificing their health, well-being, and relationships to fulfill these expectations. Many will continue to do this for the rest of their lives, resigned to the reality of “this is the way things are.”  They move from job to job, hoping that they will finally get lucky, but nothing ever seems to change.

However, there is a group of people who have been able to break out of this cycle. Their lives turn out differently. They don’t work as hard and yet are able to have what they want in their lives. People who are happier and doing what is more meaningful and fulfilling in their lives.

Here are their trade secrets, and know that the rest don’t. The list of Notable Graduates of the Money & You program reads like a “Who is Who” of today’s wealth experts.

You Can Design Your Life

The reality is this – that most people will spend their lives earning a living – many in debt.  Doing a job to generate income to pay the bills, trading time for hours that they don’t enjoy. Many would ask themselves at some point if this was all there is to life, not knowing what the options really are.

There is an alternative – not to have to earn a living and yet have everything that they want in their lives.  Achieving that requires a fundamental understanding of how to create wealth.

Wealth is the element that will move someone from making ends meet to living life the way they want without having to worry about money. If there is a certain life that you imagine as ideal, wealth is what will sustain that indefinitely, where you never ever have to work again to earn a living.

For many people, this “ideal life” is unimaginable. With property mortgages, family and personal expenses, and increasing costs of living, it does not seem possible to even get there with the active income that they are currently generating, no matter how much harder they work.

When COVID-19 occurred in 2020, it disrupted the way the world operated. The way people live, work, and play will not revert to what they had before the pandemic. Many were caught unprepared in many ways. If they are not equipped to live their lives beyond merely earning an income, the future will become increasingly challenging.

The Money & You principles can help create wealth that will generate long-term sustainable cash flow, especially in extremely challenging and uncertain times. It can create greater certainty not merely to get by but to thrive regardless of what is occurring in the environment around every person in the world.

Wealth is Creating Resilience.

Creating Wealth is not a privilege that is limited to a selected few. However, the strategies, skills, and knowledge required to create wealth are not subjects that most people were taught or learned in school. School taught how to “earn a living. “Earning a living” is not what most people want; people really are looking for the solution to living the life that they desire.

The solution, Money & You, provides people with an intimate understanding of how the world operates and the laws of the universe that govern how the world is being run.  The truth is this — the people who know and understand how to use these “laws” to their advantage create the games that the rest of the planet is unknowingly playing.

The money game, the relationship game, the business game, the career game, the power game… And if you feel a lack of control in any of the games that you are playing in your life, it’s likely to be because you are not in the driver’s seat. Someone else is running the game. When people recognize, understand, and play these games by simply understanding fundamental “Laws of the Universe” that are called generalized principles, they will move from a “powerless” position to play in a position of “power.”

These are the “Laws of the Universe” that were not, and still are not, being taught in schools. These are secrets that most people on this planet do not yet know. These are not religious or spiritual principles – it’s Physics applied to building businesses/organizations such as leverage, precession (ripple effect), and more.

Money & You will move people to live their desired life without having to “earn a living.” The good news is this –– this deeper understanding of the underlying principles of the game is something that everyone can learn. When they do, their life will shift permanently, and how they play their game in life will change. Their results will change. “Creating Wealth” is creating long-term sustainability and resilience and not working hard.

Money & You believes “Wealth is a Habit”

Creating Wealth is about resilience at the level of thriving. It is about sustainability and doing what most people desire in life. It is not merely about finances or economics but playing the game that people are all here to play in their lifetimes, each in their own unique ways. It is acknowledging and responding to what calls everyone to be and to do and then to have what they want. It is about a person’s own personal mastery and how they create value for the world in their own ways. It is about how learning how to convert their life experiences into real value that they can offer to the world. It is about making mistakes and then making corrections. Those mistakes allow them to learn and grow. Wealth is about creating powerful habits that encompass all that and more. Wealth is also about creating powerful and empowering relationships with internal and external environments. It is recognizing and playing with integrity and how to operate in the world.

Tom Chesser

Tom Chesser is the owner of Rise Up Media and Marketing. He has a featured show Rise Up Radio, an online broadcasting podcast.
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