On Point Executive Center Celebrates 20 Years of Service

On Point Executive Center Celebrates 20 Years of Service
The team at On Point Executive Center is pleased to celebrate 20 years of providing virtual office Tampa, executive suites, and virtual assistants to their clients. Because businesses often struggle with paying the expenses for office space and employees, this company has chosen to help address these issues with their virtual environments. As one of the first in the industry, On Point Executive Center is a leader in outsourcing services and is proud to aid small business owners in finding services they can trust.

As a pioneer in the industry, this family owned and operated company has developed and refined many of the service functions that other businesses use today. This includes providing professional Tampa office space and conference rooms in the Tampa Bay area that can help meet the physical needs of companies that may operate outside the country but want a U.S. location base for meetings. On Point also has dedicated services for remote workers, start ups, sole entrepreneurs and work-at-home professionals.

In addition to office space, many clients also take advantage of On Point Executive Center’s live answering services for messages and fulfillment of sales orders, as well as bill payments and other common communications. They also offer notary services, faxing, sending and receiving shipments through professional receptionists that can perform a variety of tasks. They also supply companies with a physical mailing address that is not  “virtual”. 

By offering their corporate office sharing services, the team at On Point Executive Center has helped many small businesses reduce their overhead and elevate their image. Their goal is to help small companies get on a level playing field with their larger competitors in the business world. The network they have built is why this fall will usher in a successful 20 year anniversary.

Karen Gillman helped found On Point Executive Center and currently serves as the VP of Sales and Marketing. She is proud of the company’s ability to handle the day-to-day operations of a number of businesses and wants to make it easier for them to continue to serve their own customers without compromising other areas of their business. This outsourcing can save money on employees, benefits, insurance and more.

About On Point Executive Center: On Point Executive Center is a locally owned and operated company that opened its doors in 1999. Located in beautiful Rocky Point, Florida, they are pleased to serve 300 companies worldwide with their virtual office and assistance services.

For more information on their 20 years of service, visit On Point Executive Center on their website or call 813-350-7800.

Location Info:
On Point Executive Center
3030 N Rocky Point Dr W #150, Tampa, FL 33607
(813) 350-7800


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