“Pick Up Your Mat and Walk,” A Story of Success Through Adversity launches on Amazon.com

"Pick Up Your Mat and Walk," A Story of Success Through Adversity launches on Amazon.com
“Realize that in every adverse situation, there is a God-given opportunity that exists; it just takes a willing person to embrace it,” said Scott.  This amazing book urges people to think and speak positive things about their lives, and they will definitely come to pass; to see our failures as opportunities, and that investing and putting others first with humility is the best feeling we all need to experience.

The incredible book further outlines eight Christian principles for you to live your life by, which involves setting goals, developing a plan, paying the price, keeping your word, forgetting the past, having a positive mental attitude, perception, and perseverance as one’s ultimate guide to success.

We live in a world where challenges are inevitable. This one-of-a-kind book is for people who want to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others, for people who are willing to embrace their failures and grab the lessons and opportunity from each experience. It teaches you to always believe and have faith in yourself, no matter what you go through or face. Scott A. Arias, through his book, hopes to inspire people and change so many lives.


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