Preston Naquin Launches Social Media Lockdown in Texas and Georgia



Preston Naquin is changing the way people network.  A social media authority has come up with a plan to merge Social Networking to Virtual Networking live in cities across the country.

Tracy:   What is your prospects biggest or most common problem?

Preston:  The biggest problem my prospects have is that they show up at networking events and it is always the same people. They sit there on their phones doing things like checking emails, text messages and social media notifications and never actually do not have a chance to learn anything about anyone in the room except for their 30 second introduction. And they are only limited to meeting people in their immediate vicinity since we all know that traveling over 25 miles to a networking meeting is un heard of.


Tracy:  What was your entry point to Entrepreneurship?

Preston:  I entered entrepreneurship at an early age, actually selling garden vegetables in the front yard at the age of eight. I did not understand the concept of marketing until I started selling crawfish that my brothers caught in the same front yard a couple of years later. My brothers helped me learn the prices everyone else was selling for so I would drop the price one cent and got more business. Also they made a sign that said Crawfish 60¢ a Pound. In my teens, I believe that I sought out people who had an entrepreneur mindset and continue to do the same today. This understanding of how important it is to surround myself with those kinds of people is the main reason that I have evolved into the innovative thought leader I am today. For example, I became associated with the owner of one of the top 10 radio stations in the early eighties. It did not take me long to position myself as his personal assistant so that I could learn how he conducted his business. I knew how important it was for me learn from people with authority at a young age.

T. Allen Hanes

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