Thomas Mayhew Combines His Background In Technology With His Tri City Real Estate Practice

Business Innovators recently interviewed Thomas Mayhew. Thomas (Tom) Mayhew has been a valued broker with Century 21 Tri-Cities since its inception. With a solid reputation for trustworthiness in every transaction, Tom believes in demonstrating his commitment to buyers and sellers from the first conversation to the last handshake

Welcome to Business Innovators Magazine…Please introduce yourself and a brief thumbnail sketch of your background.

Thomas Mayhew: I spent roughly 13 years in the technology space, working in Global Positioning Systems Marketing Management for Allen Osborne Associates, Inc., which was bought by ITT Aerospace & Communications Division and then for Magellan Navigation which primarily focused on car navigation.

Real Estate is quintessentially tied to location – so you can say that I’m still working in the location business. The change isn’t as big as it might first appear.

Business Innovators: Are you looking to combine your background in technology with your real estate practice?

Thomas Mayhew: Yes, I always am thinking of how to do things better or what tool could I create that would make a buyers search go quicker, while keeping them more informed and connected such that when they are ready and find the right home to make an offer on – they are already connected with a solid Realtor that can write that offer and negotiate the best deal possible.

I have over 10 websites and continue to improve what I have and use. I’m constantly evaluating new technologies.

Business Innovators: What would you say is the area in business that you are most passionate about and why?

Thomas Mayhew: New construction – because a client can create what is in their heart and make a home their own in a way that can’t be done with resale homes.

Where you live is arguably as important as what you live in. The point is with new construction, you have a large control over both elements in the Tri-Cities, WA market. That might not be so true in large metropolitan areas where there just isn’t an availability of land to develop.

Business Innovators: How are you different than your competitors?

Thomas Mayhew: I’ve got a lot of very fine competitors, but I don’t often think of them as competitors per se. Because we all belong to the Multiple Listing Service, my goal is to inform and inspire as many of those Realtors to bring their clients to my builder, Ambience Homes. And at this time, we’ve got six homes being built by Ambience Homes – with all those buyers having been brought by their respective Realtors. So I am a conscientious cooperator with my colleagues.

My goal is to create as smooth a transaction as I can for my Builder, for the Buyer’s Agent and for their clients.

Business Innovators: Please tell us about any recent business accomplishments that you are most proud of and why?

Thomas Mayhew: Rapidly filling out a subdivision, with only 10 lots left at Botaka Estates and several buyers at various stages of readiness to buy a home there.

Business Innovators: What Leadership qualities in Leaders do you most admire and why?

Thomas Mayhew: Kindness. Communication. Drive and determination. Innovation.

Business Innovators: What has been a key element of your success?

Thomas Mayhew: Determination. Keep on keeping on. Watch for my opening. Keep innovating. Keep asking myself questions. Keep asking other leaders questions. Keep learning. Keep open to the opportunities. When the right opportunity comes along, seize it and run with it.

Business Innovators: What are some of business projects that you are currently working on that you are excited about and why?

Thomas Mayhew: Working on finding more land for my builder. We’ve got a great product and want to build more homes for more people.

Business Innovators: What are 1 or 2 things you would like to say to a prospective client who stumbles across this interview?

Thomas Mayhew: If you haven’t locked down on which builder to work with, just call me and schedule a no cost, no obligation exploratory meeting to find out what it would be like to build a home with Ambience Homes.

If you are a motivated home seller and you don’t want to have to worry about whether the Realtor you choose has their marketing down pat, call me to schedule a home evaluation. And we can make things happen for you from there. You’ll be pleased you did.

Business Innovators: To wrap this up, what are you most excited about in the upcoming months in your business?

Thomas Mayhew: Expanding the word about my marketing for home sellers and finding more buyers to build either custom homes or a home in one of the neighborhoods we are building in.

The Tri-Cities area continues to experience growth. Because of several converging factors, we appear to be heading for many more years of growth (all other things held equal).

Thomas Mayhew may be contacted at: 509-302-7145 or you may visit his website:


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