Prominence Publishing’s New Book, Cybersecurity Now, Hits Amazon Best Seller List

The past year brought a level of uncertainty to the business community that threatened business owners worldwide. Almost overnight, entrepreneurs had to change their business models and the way they had been operating for years. With this change came new threats to businesses, and the need to secure information within their businesses became more important than ever before. 

Cybersecurity Now is co-written by a group of 11 high-level IT and cybersecurity experts who have come together to teach business owners what they need to know about protecting their businesses from cybersecurity threats.  Topics covered are:

  • Proactive Cyber Defense
  • Inside the Mind of a Hacker
  • The Importance of Email Security
  • You Are A Target: Why Hackers Are Looking For You
  • Are You Being Hacked? What to Look Out For
  • Understanding the Risk of a Cyber Attack
  • How to Avoid Being a Security Risk
  • The Business Impact of a Breach
  • Cybersecurity Defined
  • How Human Error Can Cost You Thousands
  • How to Protect Your Data

Brought together by Chris Wiser of 7 Figure MSP, Cybersecurity Now is co-authored these IT and cybersecurity experts:


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