Renowned Speaker and Life Coach Michael LeBlanc’s New Book becomes an Amazon #1 Bestseller

Renowned Speaker and Life Coach Michael LeBlanc’s New Book becomes an Amazon #1 Bestseller
Distinguished author, speaker, life coach, licensed social worker, international trainer, and energy practitioner, Michael LeBlanc is now making news with his latest book ‘Manifest a Better Life with God.’ Packed with teachings and tools to help readers manifest a better life, this book is currently an international #1 bestseller in Amazon. Michael has also co-authored another #1 bestseller, “The Abundance Factor” with bestselling author Joe Vitale.

Every individual tends to get frustrated when some things in their life work out, but some others don’t. Michael mentions that he has been through similar experiences and whenever he has questions about manifesting conditions and consistently getting the results he wants, he asks the expert, God. 

“This book is a personal conversation between God and me,” Michael says. “Each of us is an expression of God Consciousness, never separate, and as a result, we each have an inherent God nature and we exist in God consciousness. This means we can interact directly with God to manifest better conditions in our lives, and Law of Attraction is simply an aspect of God Consciousness.”

One enthusiastic reader stated,

“Manifest a Better Life with God,” is like Neal Donald Walsch (“Conversations with God”) meets Ernest Holmes (“Science of Mind.”) The author has a wonderful way of simplifying what is needed to attract goodness into our lives. For those of us on the path of serious spiritual exploration, this book is like a breath of fresh air. Brilliant work!”  5-star review.     T. Hummel

Through the book, Michael explores the nature of God as consciousness, the vibrational nature of this consciousness and how emotions play a crucial role in identifying now an individual is aligned or misaligned with his or her inherent God nature.   The book shares numerous nuances, tips and examples about achieving a better life and manifesting deliberately by utilizing one’s inherent God nature. Michael has achieved results in all areas of his life using the techniques, tips and nuances offered in his book.  

‘Manifest a Better Life with God’ is influenced heavily by the author’s belief that,

“In order to shift conditions in our lives we have to shift consciousness because everything is manifesting from God Consciousness…so shift consciousness and conditions will shift,” says Michael.

A certified life coach with thirty years of experience, Michael is also a noted international business consultant and trainer facilitating leadership, culture change and safety leadership workshops worldwide. At present, he is engaged in helping adults manifest better lives by teaching them ways to free themselves from limiting beliefs and embody new beliefs that bring about desired changes. 

In another of many recently published Amazon reviews, the reader has thanked Michael LeBlanc for his new book saying,

This book is life changing! It gave me a new perspective on areas of my life that needed changing and the ability to do so. I have been a family medicine doctor for over 25 years and this book has given me a unique way to view my own life and the lives of my patients. Thank you, Michael LeBlanc for opening my eyes to a whole exciting way of living.”

The paperback as well as kindle versions of ‘Manifest a Better Life with God’ is currently available in Amazon.

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About the author: Michael LeBlanc, MSW, LCSW, is a decent human being with a love and passion for spirituality. He is self-taught with 30+ years of practice and experience on his spiritual journey. He has a bachelor degree from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and a Master of Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. He also is a certified life coach, business consultant and trainer teaching leadership and safety culture change workshops. During his life as a social worker, life coach, and consultant and trainer, he has worked with thousands of people in approximately 30 countries over the past 30 years.   

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