Rose Phan on A Mission to Provide Affordable Filtered Water Solutions To The World

Rose Phan arrived in the U.S. as a Vietnamese boat refugee over forty years ago, her family having survived torture, a miraculous escape at sea, and attempted repatriation. Through the story of her family and her struggles as a wife, mother, and businesswoman, Phan outlines the principles that have enabled her not only to survive but thrive in her new homeland. Readers will be moved by the heroism of her father, King Win, and astounded at the series of events that took her from a homeless teen refugee to a millionaire by age 34. She also invites her audience to experience beauty in unexpected places, from a war-torn country to a drop of fresh water. Fire of Hope, From Victim to Victor reflects Phan’s deep faith and belief in the power of courage over fear, her fresh voice leaping off the page to share lessons you’ll never forget.

T. Allen: What was your entry point into Entrepreneurialism?

Rose: I started out being a piano teacher, also a Vietnamese certified Court Interpreter, we owned a video store in 1986 after having our 1st baby in order to stay home and be with my baby.

T. Allen: Share with us the story of your rise from green entrepreneur to where you are now?

Rose: Since I came to the US in 1976. I have always been creative and ready for anything. From owning a Video rental business to a manufacturer company ASL, mainly to be home and close to my baby, to be the best mom possible and a wife. Me being the oldest daughter and the leader since childhood, it was natural for me to be an entrepreneur and starting something, with my husband’s engineering mind and creating inventions. 

T. Allen: What was the crossover point from “I’m going to be” to “I am” an entrepreneur?

Rose: Just becoming an entrepreneur without realizing it, in the beginning, to make a living with my own skills in music and languages like teaching piano, playing the organ for church and being a court interpreter for Vietnamese.

Then when I was nominated as Entrepreneur of the year by Ernst n Young, and pioneer woman by NAWBO, etc… I was aware that I had been an entrepreneur in 1993 also after winning the government SMC contract through EDS.

T. Allen: What is your current offer and what is your magic?

Rose: Water filters that enhance alkaline in a portable bottle for an individual on the road, and mostly, the universal water filter adapter which can create a flexible water filtration system for any size family or business use (newly patented) on any choice of the container in any circumstance or environment.

T. Allen: Tell us about your mission?

Rose: My mission is to promote Health and protect the Environment with Ionic-Absorption Micron Filtration Products as in a Portable bottle and non-electrolyzed pitchers that can remove up to 99.99% contaminants but also naturally enhance alkaline in drinking water. Being a health conscious practitioner who cares to share and contribute better health solutions to humanity, I am driven to continue my mission with water solutions to help the environment and people in the world.

T. Allen:  How can we find out more about theis amazing product?

Rose:  You can visit our website at

T. Allen: Thank you for your time and providing a solution to a serious problem with our water.

Rose:  Thank you for having me.

Rose was redcently a featured speaker at Harvard Business Forum and West Point speaking about her mission.  You can see the entire presentations by clicking the links above.

To find out more about Rose and to purchase her new book “The Fire of Hope, From Victim to Victor” you can go here

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