Susan Downing Seeks Donations To Help Jamaican Education Project

What I’m trying to do is take this program that’s going to be just May and June and make sure it’s successful, figure out what needs to be done, perhaps what needs to be adjusted, perhaps add some different projects to it so that the following year I can do a dual program that would be not only crafts but would also be technical skills.

STEWART: Awesome, awesome. Well, I think we’ve covered quite a lot so far, don’t you?

SUSAN: Yes, I think so.

STEWART: We’ve covered a lot of ground. Is there anything else that you’d like to add, Susan, before we part

SUSAN: No, not really. I just have worked with this kind of student, and they’re really very dear to my heart because I find that people that are faced with a lot of challenges are very genuine in terms of their interactions with you which is something that I always appreciate.

The other thing that I find is that’s necessary in order to teach anyone is that they have the idea and they have the knowledge that you like them, so I like to build connections with the students and the communities, and I also make sure that at the time that I’m teaching, that there’s always food there because I don’t want anything in the way of my being able to teach them.

You’re not going to teach them if they don’t think they like you, you’re not going to be able to teach them if they’re hungry and those kinds of things, so I just make sure that those kinds of things are sort of an initial … initial environment for the classroom.

STEWART: Right, right, right. Well, I’m excited. I’m really excited about the project. It sounds great. For me, it’s just been a pleasure just being able to meet you at first and then just listening to all of your dreams and all these goals that you have, I think they’re very ambitious.

I think they’re … I definitely know they came from your heart. You’re a very genuine person and I really feel that, and I really think it’s a massive help here in Waterford. For anybody who is listening out there to this podcast, if there is any way that you can help, how are people going to reach, how can they reach out to you and find you? What contact details do you have?

SUSAN: My telephone number is +1778-863-8534, and my email address is, but that is spelled all lower case letters, candelite@

STEWART: And the number is a US number or Canadian number?

SUSAN: It’s a Canadian number.

STEWART: Great, so this has been another podcast with Stewart Alexander, the Authority Marketing Guy, a little different this time. Not another B2B project, this is more of a B2C, and really looking forward to seeing the end result. I’ll definitely be following it, and I’ll definitely be doing what I can do, some of the things we’ve already spoken about to help in terms of the marketing and to help you get the word out there.

SUSAN: Thank you.

STEWART: Is there any last … any final thoughts?

SUSAN: I don’t think so.

STEWART: Great. That was Susan Downing from the Comprehensive Consulting Venture company in Canada. Susan, it’s been fantastic.

SUSAN: Thank you.

STEWART: Thank you so much.

Stewart Andrew Alexander

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