The Latest Trends in Personalized Video E-Cards – Interview with Razzle Card Founder Derek Bowen

M.J. Plebon, Montreal online marketing specialist speaks with Razzle Card founder Derek Bowen about Razzle Card and the latest changes in the online greeting card industry.

MJ:  Razzle Card has been online for a short period of time.  Derek, can you tell us how the idea of Razzle Card came about?

Derek:  I am co-owner of a video production company. We produce a lot of video content for clients which gives us the chance use our creativity, to a certain degree. There are, of course, limitations as you have to balance what the client wants with the concepts and designs our team envisions.

While most projects go very smoothly, there is always the video project that is a little more challenging. It was during one of these more challenging projects that got me thinking how it would be nice to be able to offer a video product of my own that I could market just like any other product. Instead of producing tires or furniture or cookies, we are producing individual personalized holiday videos.

MJ:  Very interesting. There are many online sites that provide the services of sending e-cards and videos for holidays and birthdays. Why makes Razzle Card different from these other video ecards and ecards in general?

Derek:  The difference in Razzle Card is that we offer truly personalized video e-cards. Our models and characters say the recipient’s name in each of the videos and the sender can still add a written message to each card sent. Who wouldn’t want to have a pretty model or handsome guy wish them a personal Happy Birthday?

M.J.:  What type of themes are available for people to use?

Derek:  Right now we have personalized Razzle Cards for birthdays and Christmas. We also have a generic (no name) video for Father’s Day.

M.J.:  How many names are available in the video ecard platform?

Derek:  There are currently over 1500 names available. You can search through 750 boys names and 750 girls names. If we don’t have the name you are looking for, we have a “suggest a name” icon where you can request a new name to be added. When we film the next video, we will try to add as many newly requested names as possible. Of course, If you can’t find the name you are looking for, all video cards are offered in generic (no name) format as well.

M.J.:  Is there anything for children?

Derek:  We have a separate site for our kids Razzle Cards, There are some really fun characters for kids. A pirate, an astronaut and a magical fairy are among some of the characters offering birthday and holiday wishes by name.Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins can now send ecards to family members. Kids get a real kick out of hearing their name in the video greeting.

M.J.:  When someone wants to send a personalized video ecard, how do they go about it?

Derek:  That’s easy. Go to, click on either “for boys” or “for girls”, find the name you are looking for and select. You will then see what videos are available for that name. Choose the video you want to send, enter your email and recipient email, add a written message if you want and then click on “send”. Your personalized Razzle Card has now been sent to the recipients email where all they will have to do is click to open their card and view their personalized greeting. You can also send through Facebook. You can schedule the delivery of your personalized video ecard well in advance for your convenience. This way you can send a card to each of your friends and never forget a birthday or holiday again. 

M.J.:  What lies in the future for Razzle Card?

Derek:  More video content, more characters and more holiday categories. We would like to grow the site, make a name for ourselves in the competitive e-card industry and to develop complimentary business opportunities with other companies.

Personalized-Video-E-Cards-Razzle-CardTo send your personalized video ecards,         visit for adults or for kids.

M.J. Plebon

M.J. Plebon has co-authored several technical papers for the upstream oil and gas industry and also contributes to several online media publications. He is a teacher and content specialist at Champlain College in Montreal, specializing in online marketing and business development. He is a trainer and speaker in the areas of marketing, business development and public speaking.