The “Thrive” Lifestyle, with Award Winning Life Coach Morgan Field

We are here today with Best-selling Author and award-winning Life Coach Morgan Field. We’re going to talk about “thriving”. Going from the life you have, to the life you have always wanted.


Q Morgan, when did you decide that you wanted to help others to better their lives? 

When I first had a taste of true happiness and fulfillment I was bursting at the seams to find a way to share it with the world!  I mean, seriously who wants to feel stuck, lost in the dark: the “busy”, the “have tos”, the “shoulds”, the “to-dos”, the people pleasing, climbing the career ladder chasing happiness that never seems to be at that next level once you get there, etc.

When I found that glimmer of light, and uncovered answers, when I found new ways to experience this life that allowed me to get off the daily hamster wheel of hell, to step out of the world of a groundhogs day where I was stuck in survival mode, and when I started to enter into the Thrival zone… It was when I knew there was more to life than what most of us get to experience and I made it my life’s mission to find ways to immerse myself in this thrival zone and help others find their way too!  It’s waaaaay more fun in Thrive mode, and once people get a taste of it, there is no going back!

Q What were some of the unexpected hurdles” and “What were some of the unexpected benefits in becoming a Thrive Coach?

A Hands down the hardest thing about taking this path was having to bet on me even when no one else could see my vision.  Sometimes you are going to be the only one who can see, and feel in the fiber of your being, what is best for you.  Sometimes no one will understand. And sometimes you stand alone, at least at the beginning – which is often the hardest time in the journey.

There are a LOT of benefits and perks about being a Thrive Coach – I get paid to play, to travel, to help people find their light and set this world on fire one epic sexy soul at a time.  There are no meetings just for the sake of having meetings, and all day I do what feeds and delights my soul, which is helping others transform their life’s and forever leave mediocrity in the dust.  I help people create a “pinch me, am I dreaming” kind of life.  I am challenged daily, I grow, I learn, I study, I master my craft – all of which totally satiates the nerd in me. 

However, the most unbelievable unexpected benefit in being a Thrive Coach is that I have a built in accountability to stay in my own optimal Thrival Zones!  I mean, what other “job” offers that as a benefit? Who would hire a Thrive Coach who wasn’t at peak Thrival levels?  No one!  So, basically, my “job security” lies in my maintaining optimal levels of happiness, fulfillment, health, love, light, adventure and bliss!

Q What is the one common problem you see among your clients?

A Self confidence is one of the key indicators for life fulfillment. There are two main factors that go hand in hand in a vicious cycle of erosion of one’s self-confidence  

  1. Caring what others think.
  2. Feeling like you are not enough.

As long as you care what others think, your self worth is in the hands of those around you, and you will take personal anything and everything they do.  The thing is, that what people do and or don’t do has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with their own level of self-confidence. 


Q Can you give an example of how someone can put themselves first in a way that is not self-absorbed?

A There are two ways to look at this…

  1. There is a new option that is available to us now that is an upgrade from the old energetic vibration of self-sacrifice. In the generations that came before us people got lost in the addictions and expectations of self-sacrifice. You lose so I can win. Now it’s my turn to sacrifice and suffer so you can win. Back and forth like a professional tennis match.  There was always a loser.  There is another way, a way where we all win.  It’s a way that will require people to shed their old beliefs and limitations about “compromise” and embrace the limitless way of thinking, exploring the possibilities and opportunities for everyone in the situation to win. That way, you can put yourself first and everyone else wins as a result.  We all win.
  2. There is an opportunity as individuals and as a society to redefine what it means to be selfish. I talk about this concept in the book. Right now, we feel like it is selfish to put ourselves first, so we walk through our days giving, giving, giving, and then when we have nothing left to give, we give some more.  We take care of our loved ones in a way that sacrifices our own happiness, needs, desires, and fulfillment, and we think this is love.  We think that to be any other way is selfish.  But, this way leaves us depleted, exhausted, tired, burned out, and often on edge, resenting the very individuals that we love.  And no, we don’t take out our unhappiness with our co-workers, at least we try our best to be polite and be kind and loving to those around us at work so we can make the money we need to survive and provide, and then we save our emotional outbursts for our loved ones at home.  And then our children learn that that is normal.  They grow up and they repeat the cycle.  Based on that pattern of recycled inheritance, it would actually seem rather selfish to not put yourself first.  Again, not in an I win and you lose kind of way, but more of a I need to put me first for a little bit to rejuvenate and as a result you get a better version of me, I can actually love you in a new way – free of depletion, obligation, guilt, and sacrifice – and we all win kind of way.

Q What are some common misconceptions your clients have about making changes?

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