Three Key Traits Found in the Entrepreneurial Mindset

How important is it for you to develop the mindset of an entrepreneur? It’s advantageous enough that Michigan State University now offers a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation to compliment any field of study.

The truth is that the whole paradigm of employment is changing. According to a recent article in Forbes, more than fifty percent of the workforce in the U.S. will be freelance in the next ten years.

If that holds true, no matter what career path you’re engaged in, developing an entrepreneurial mindset can help you.

The Difference Between an Entrepreneur and an Employee

Some studies suggest that people are born with the entrepreneurial mindset — it’s an inherited disposition that helps them excel at a wide variety of skills.

The real difference between an employee and an entrepreneur is that the employee specializes in certain functions. Employees train and become proficient in their own area of business. They work well within set structures and can master their individual training to contribute to the whole.

Stephen Reynolds

Stephen Reynolds writes about business, entrepreneurship, and management.