Top 5 GovTech Companies Working to Save Democracy

According to the World Bank, GovTech is “a whole-of-government approach to public sector modernization.” Three aspects are especially important—accessible and citizen-centric public services, digital transformation, and efficient and transparent systems. There are hundreds of important companies in this space, but here are five that are doing impactful work to modernize the government experience and make it work better for society.

Top 5 GovTech Companies – 2022



Grants are an important part of our society’s advancement, but the application process is expensive, confusing and time-consuming. OpenGrants is building modern infrastructure for grant funding to improve transparency, equity and efficiency. OpenGrants has a grant search engine and marketplace, where users can find grants on their own for free, or hire an expert to help them search, apply for, and manage their grants.


Marketplace.City helps governments source, validate and procure technology products and services faster and more efficiently than they could on their own. The marketplace is free for governments to use, saving resources, money and time. aligns with government procurement to inject relevant market data and help governments make the best purchasing decisions for their residents.



MainStreet helps software, hardware, and venture-backed startups claim tax credits that most accountants and business owners never claim. Their software searches 200+ credits on behalf of companies, and when they find one, they do the heavy lifting so the business owner doesn’t have to think about it. MainStreet does all the paperwork and gives the company cash.



VotingApp is a mobile app designed inclusively to provide a private and independent voting experience for all. The app removes the need for people to take time out of their day to wait in lines and use archaic technology. It enables secure, private, user-friendly, and efficient voting on mobile devices.



ZenCity lets local governments easily and efficiently get input from residents, and provides insights to leaders based on that input. It’s a cross-channel platform that improves civic engagement and requires almost no integration with existing digital infrastructure. ZenCity gathers and analyzes resident-generated data using AI, then delivers actionable insights that help local governments prioritize resources, track performance, and connect with their communities.

Matthew Loughran, EMBA

Matthew is an accomplished senior executive and social impact entrepreneur in the emerging technology field. Matthew is the principal at Midtown West Media, and founding partner of Data Innovation Labs, deploying emerging technology with AI for Good. Matthew possesses a history of multilateral stakeholder alignment across public, private and faith-based sectors leveraging technology for social impact. Matthew holds a B.S. in Biology and Marketing from Loyola University Maryland; and an Executive M.B.A. from Washington State University. Matthew also holds multiple certifications in strategic board service including long-term growth, M&A strategy, cybersecurity, and strategic communications.