Top Talent Magazine Recently Featured Dame Doria (DC) Cordova Talking About Her Access To Cash Book & “The New Definition Of Wealth And It’s Not What You Think”

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Dame Doria (DC) Cordova was recently featured in the very prestigious Top Talent Magazine and wanted to thank David and Isabella Fagan for this opportunity to share her story.  Here is what Dame Doria said in her published article.

A New Definition of Wealth… And It’s Not What You Think!

“You probably think of wealth as cash in your wallet, money in the bank, gold in the safe, or even real estate you own. Although all these things have value, there is something greater than all those items mentioned… When you chase and pursue these things that have both real and perceived value, you have a decent chance at acquiring them – but if you chase what I call “the true definition of wealth,” you can’t help but to become wealthy. The way that I am about to share with you is more of a law of “wealth attraction” because nothing attracts more wealth than the tenet that I am about to teach you.

As one of the leaders of the entrepreneurial, experiential, transformational training field, I have had the honor and privilege of being close with tens of thousands of people attending our entrepreneurial, experiential, transformational programs held globally. I have become friends with some of the world’s leading authors, experts, and masters in business – with those who have made a huge difference in the way that people relate to each other – with those who have breakthrough health technologies and distinctions and can lovingly support us all in having more love, health, wealth, peace and flexibility so that we can go through conditions as we find ourselves today in this Global Paradigm Shift.

Tom Chesser

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