Top Talent Magazine Recently Featured Dame Doria (DC) Cordova Talking About Her Access To Cash Book & “The New Definition Of Wealth And It’s Not What You Think”

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Dame Doria (DC) Cordova was recently featured in the very prestigious Top Talent Magazine and wanted to thank David and Isabella Fagan for this opportunity to share her story.  Here is what Dame Doria said in her published article.

A New Definition of Wealth… And It’s Not What You Think!

“You probably think of wealth as cash in your wallet, money in the bank, gold in the safe, or even real estate you own. Although all these things have value, there is something greater than all those items mentioned… When you chase and pursue these things that have both real and perceived value, you have a decent chance at acquiring them – but if you chase what I call “the true definition of wealth,” you can’t help but to become wealthy. The way that I am about to share with you is more of a law of “wealth attraction” because nothing attracts more wealth than the tenet that I am about to teach you.

As one of the leaders of the entrepreneurial, experiential, transformational training field, I have had the honor and privilege of being close with tens of thousands of people attending our entrepreneurial, experiential, transformational programs held globally. I have become friends with some of the world’s leading authors, experts, and masters in business – with those who have made a huge difference in the way that people relate to each other – with those who have breakthrough health technologies and distinctions and can lovingly support us all in having more love, health, wealth, peace and flexibility so that we can go through conditions as we find ourselves today in this Global Paradigm Shift.

I have sat at the feet of some great thinkers and masters, such as R. Buckminster Fuller, an engineer, inventor, mathematician, philosopher, author, designer, scientist, a “cosmogonist,” a “new world” thinker,” a visionary, a prophet, the greatest living genius, the “Leonardo DaVinci” of our time, the “Benjamin Franklin” of the Space Age and I have been committed to the betterment of humanity since 1977.

I have built global organizations with programs that have supported the stellar careers of game-changers such as Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Kiyosaki, and many others. I have met world leaders, Prime Ministers like Tun Mahathir of Malaysia, Fidel Castro, Ministers of Education, Global change makers like Ted Turner…

And I have met billionaires who have created new industries, products, and services – and there is one thing that they all have in common…ACCESS!

My new definition of wealth is truly about having ACCESS… Once you integrate this into your consciousness, your life will change. You will start to move from Scarcity to Sufficiency, which will ultimately take you to Abundance… and nothing is sweeter than this because you will let go of the illusion that money will make you feel abundant and wealthy.
Access to cash, resources, networks, investments, experts, knowledge, wisdom, support – and nowadays, good medicines!

Think about all the things that you may need to build a business: competency, capital, credit, and connections, to name just a few. Think of the quote by Lynne Twist, “there are no “poor” people – only resource-poor people.”

The resource-poor, the middle class, the uneducated, and those who suffer from “regional disadvantage” (not living in economically developed areas) don’t have ACCESS to what is necessary for them to be able to surpass their circumstances.

The rich send their children to prestigious schools for the networks that they will tap into. These alumni, networks, and clubs at their core offer nothing more than ACCESS!

Even when I think of an extraordinary lifestyle (which I have been blessed to have lived for most of my adult life), I don’t need to own a yacht, an airplane, a penthouse, homes in exotic far-away places – I just need to have ACCESS to them.

Here’s a great exercise for you: make a list of all that you have ACCESS to – you can use as an example some of the items that I have listed earlier. Then make another list of what you DON’T HAVE ACCESS TO… and go to work.

Who do you know? Whom do they know? How far are you from those you need to have ACCESS to?

Ask yourself, how can I have ACCESS to those? What do I need to do? Whom do I have to meet? What networks should I be in?

Let me give you an example…

One of the people that I had always wanted to meet was Ted Turner… He has been my hero through the decades for many reasons… I watched him launch CNN on June 1, 1980; create the UN Foundation by donating $1 Billion USD; created the Goodwill Games to promote harmony with Russia and Russian athletes when they were banned from the Olympics. He became the USA’s largest landowner to conserve precious land; created the first “good works” cartoon hero Captain Planet to give children a good role model; he bought and upgraded movies from the Hollywood Golden Age and created the TCM channel – one of the most beloved channels by seniors – and many who love old movies. His personal life (was married to Jane Fonda) and hobbies (winner of America’s Cup) are also spectacular…

His life partner now has been with him for many years, is a woman whom I call my friend. Sally Ranney is a life-long conservationist, an environmental policy strategist, and naturalist. She is also President and Co-founder of the American Renewable Energy Institute and the AREDAY Summit, one of the most prestigious and impactful environmental mastermind and educational platform. She is a rock star in the world of Conservation and Renewable Energy. I introduced her and her business partner, Chip Comins, to Huang Ming, the world’s leading Solar Architect – and we have aligned purposes, and we play a big game.

Should I go on about Ted Turner? If you were to Google him, you can’t help being impressed. He is one of my most favorite human beings – a shining example of a Social Entrepreneur – a Socially-Responsible businessman – a man committed to the betterment of humanity – and he was a sexy, rock star businessman that has truly changed the world. What can I tell you… I love and admire the man!

Tom Chesser

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