World-Class Business Change Makers Share Stories of Bravery in Overcoming All Odds in Business

The world is moving optimistically towards a brighter future, but it does not go without notice that many people in both their business and personal lives have suffered and experienced hardship throughout this unprecedented period. Strategies for overcoming all odds and incorporating bravery into business are needed more than ever to support a positive future. Mark Stephen Pooler, Founder, Editor in Chief, Media & News Publisher of MSP News Global has certainly had his share of scenarios to overcome and has come out on the other side brilliantly! He has compiled a list of world-class business change-makers who share their experiences and expertise to inspire and give hope through continued challenging times.

Transformational coach and award-winning international best-selling author, Brian Evans, faced career burn-out many years ago by trading intentionality for the illusion of security in taking on any and all clients. However, with the guidance of peers, Brian chose to look at things through a different lens and realized that intentionality is the nucleus of a ‘win/win’ scenario. Brian also recognized that rather than focusing on only solving problems using a fixative mind, he could create possibilities utilizing a creative mind. 


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