Writers from Great Work Cultures Set to Publish Upcoming Book in August 2018

Writers from Great Work Cultures Set to Publish Upcoming Book in August 2018
Members of the Great Work Cultures (GWC) have announced August 2018 as the release date for their upcoming book, From Hierarchy to High Performance: Unleashing the Hidden Superpowers of Ordinary People to Realize Extraordinary Results.

The book expresses the GWC philosophy of creating great workplaces and is written for entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to create great work environments for their people. The GWC movement began with Joan Blades, a prominent activist for positive change, and her collaborators who are passionate about designing work cultures that make businesses great places to work. According to the authors, “By writing this book, we hope to activate and provoke interest in leading the transformation to collaborative, networked organizations that value human experience over bureaucratic rule. Join us in the movement!”

The book will feature seven chapters by various authors/experts. The first chapter is called “The Momentum of Change” and is written by Bill Sanders, who speaks about the power of embracing change.

Chapter 2 comes from Dawna Jones and centers on “How Companies Are Creating Costs by Ignoring Workplace Health.” Jones speaks about the hidden costs of ignoring workplace health and the connection between employee well-being and company financial success.

Chapter 3 is “Cutting Edge Purpose-Driven Leadership to Thrive in the Future” by Brooke Erol. Erol discusses the importance of being a purpose-driven organization that practices humanistic principles to focus on caring about all people, communities and ecosystems.

Chapter 4 is written by Josh Levine and is called “The Trouble with Scale: How to Keep Company Culture from Going Wrong in Times of Rapid Growth.” Rapid growth brings a multitude of challenges, and this chapter addresses that and offers sound advice for keeping the company culture intact.

Chapter 5, by Sue Bingham, tackles the issue of trust in an organization and is called “Creating a Culture of Trust in the Workplace. It reveals how a leader who makes trust a top priority, can expect loyalty, dedication, and high performance from those who ultimately determine the fate of the business.

Chapter 6, by Doug Kirkpatrick, is called “The Age of the Self-Managed Organization” and focuses on the power of social technologies to liberate an organization and unleash the power of self-management.

The final chapter, chapter 7, is called “Beyond Emotional Intelligence to Whole-Body Wisdom and is written by Anna McGrath. McGrath shares the importance of building cultures where everyone takes 100% responsibility for their actions, and blame is eliminated as well as how to use whole-body wisdom in your decision-making.

The book is scheduled to be published in August 2018.

For more information about the book, visit www.greatworkcultures.org


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