Cayman Islands Ultra-Luxury Real Estate Expert David Seerman Explains What is NOT on the Property can add Immense Value

We are here today with David Seerman. He is an expert in the sales, marketing and development of ultra-luxury real estate and hotels. His decade-long experience in real estate coupled with a background in finance, market trends, taxation and regulation is what makes him an unstoppable force in the market.

David SeermanQ:  David, what were you doing before real estate and what led your current role as vice president in sales at Provenance Properties?

A: My first job out of college was in finance in Beverly Hills. I learned quickly I did not want to wear a suit and sit behind a desk every day for a living.  Luckily after 1 year and 1 day in finance, I was given the opportunity to move to the Caribbean and sell ultra-luxury real estate.   I instantly fell in love with the business and the Caribbean and have never looked back. My office was on the beach and I wore flip flops to work. Now after more than a decade working and studying this industry I was then given the opportunity to share my knowledge and build sales teams to represent some of the finest real estate in the world for one of the most innovative developers in the world.


Q: What has been a key element of your success?

A: The key element for me has been authenticity. When selling a lifestyle you have to actually live that lifestyle. You really have to have a passion for it. As the saying goes, people will not care how much you know until they know how much you care.  


Q: What sets Provenance Properties apart?

A:. Our mission is to improve people’s lives by improving their lifestyle. We help people to build experiences and memories in our properties so selling real estate is simply a result of what we do.


Q: What trends have you seen recently in the luxury real estate market?

A: Every luxury property will have standard high-level amenities, services, finishes and views so it’s no longer unique to have these things. It is expected. To be a leader in luxury real estate you have to focus on the place and the experiences that can be had as much as you do on the physical asset. Successful people who buy second homes in the Caribbean are incredibly busy and when they come to their home here they want to get the most out of their downtime. They are less concerned with the type of marble in the bathroom, or the appliances in the kitchen and are more concerned with the types of experiences and amenities they will have access to.


Q: What advice can you give to someone who is looking for a second home?

A: When looking for a second home think lifestyle first and investment second. We know that the real estate market fluctuates and no one can really predict how values will change, so it’s important to invest in a property and a destination that you and your family will enjoy visiting for years to come.


Q:  What are the top three questions a buyer should ask their agent while looking at a property?

A: Would you buy here? What amenities are available? What sets this property apart from the competition?

Q: If you were giving advice to a friend who was in the market for a property, what would you suggest they look for in an agent?

A: Choose an agent that you will want to be friends with after you purchase the property. Someone who you would invite over for dinner in your new home. Someone that you trust who is concerned about how you’d live in the property and not just looking to do a transaction for a commission.


David Seerman 

David is an expert in the sales, marketing, and development of ultra-luxury real estate and hotels. His decade-long experience in real estate is coupled with a background in finance, market trends, taxation and regulation which enables him to appreciate the intricacies and complexities of luxury buying and selling. David’s work has spanned across the Caribbean region where he has sold more than half a billion dollars’ worth of property. David is originally from Long Island, New York and is a graduate of Loyola University in New Orleans, USA. 

David Seerman 
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