Christina Arnold of California “Living Essentially Strong”

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Since my work last year, 2019: The Year of Joy Series with Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT and owner of Joy Coaching® America and Joy Coaching® Academy, I had the pleasure of hearing about Christina Arnold of California, one of 5 Regionally Certified “Joy Coaches” being featured in this Special Edition of Business Innovators Magazine. We subsequently, had the opportunity to “meet” and delve further into Christina’s work as a “Joy Coach” and also her business: Living Essentially Strong. “Listen” in as we discuss the many aspects of each and the great work Christina offers.

Carol: What led you to your work: Living Essentially Strong?

Christina: In early 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and experienced a difficult year. Following the chemotherapy, surgery and radiation in 2012, I continued to work and experienced a lot of insomnia, anxiety, and depression and did not want to begin taking anti-depressants. From 2013 to October 2018, I was in remission. Then I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that had moved to my lungs.

In early 2015, I was introduced to the essential oils offered by doTERRA by both of my two daughters. At that time, doTERRA was a fairly new essential oil company. After a few months of using several of the oils, I saw an improvement in my sleep and moods. I realized that there was something very powerful and unique about these oils that naturally–not chemically–improved both my physical and emotional well-being. It was at this point that my entrepreneurial spirit was ignited and I enthusiastically launched my own business and named it “Living Essentially Strong”!

I fell in love with everything associated with the essential oils–the oils themselves, the owners of the company, and its community. I enjoyed learning all I could about the oils and was eager for the opportunity to share the benefits brought about by the oils with my family and friends. My past cancer diagnosis and year of treatment made me much more aware of the need for a healthier lifestyle, and I was eager to learn as much as I could about the essential oils as well as alternative health products, practices, and strategies. Not only was I excited to be on my own personal journey to better my health and wellness, but I was also excited to be able to educate and empower other women to do the same thing. I was on a mission to promote self-care as a foundation for emotional and physical well-being.

I have a strong desire to be a successful small business entrepreneur who educates and empowers other women to be more intentional with cherishing, nurturing, and loving self-care for themselves (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) as well as to those they love–their family, friends and community. We all need more love for ourselves and a greater tolerance and respect for one another.

Carol: I can hear your passion and your chosen company name: “Living Essentially Strong” seems ideal, quite introspective and inviting in helping others.

Christina: Thank you. With the creation of my business, “Living Essentially Strong”, I want the focus to be on sharing what I have learned through my cancer journey over the past eight years. With the integration of healing self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, as well as the implementation of alternative health and wellness practices, my goal is to provide a foundation by which women will find uplifting and reliable holistic ways to improve the quality of their emotional and physical well-being with intentional and loving self-care.

Carol: What health concerns would someone not Living Essentially Strong have?

Christina: Someone not Living Essentially Strong can have a host of health and relationship concerns and issues. Not practicing self-care can eventually lead to physical diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or other chronic ailments. It can also lead to emotional and mental problems and even affect one’s sense of spirituality.

Carol: Christina, what 3 points do you absolutely want to be certain we cover regarding Living Essentially Strong and how your studies and Regional Certification as a “Joy Coach”, particularly the “Healer’s Touch Method” became a part of your work?

Christina: In 2016, at the doTERRA Convention, I was literally led by the prompting of the Holy Spirit up the stairs to the Joy Coaching® America booth located on the second floor of the Radisson Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was here that I was introduced to Karyn Lynn Grant, the founder, creator, and owner of “Joy Coaching® America.” I learned that Karyn was also a singer, a songwriter, and a licensed massage therapist with a passion and love for the Lord and a very strong calling and desire in her heart to bring healing to the broken hearted through the healing arts through a combination of aromatherapy and Karyn’s talented gifts of singing, writing, and positive therapeutic touch.

Based on her joy in the Lord, as well as her passion and strong commitment to fulfill the Lord’s calling on her heart and life, Karyn had created a library of inspiring and uplifting Christ-centered music and manuals which promoted the use of essential oils with aromatherapy in creating a healthier emotional and physical lifestyle. There were CDs also available to accompany the beautifully created manuals and handouts for focusing on acknowledging and healing the hidden wounds of the heart. These materials nurture the inner child by accessing all five senses with song, scent, and compassionate therapeutic touch and are intended to support ministering to families to create a more nurturing and loving home.

The fact that Karyn had developed a program and process that used the essential oils for emotional support and healing combined with a faith-based program that combined the use of aromatherapy, music, blessings, and positive touch made her program all the more attractive to me. As a Christian woman and believer, I was excited to be able to share the “The Healer’s Touch Method” (also referred to as the “song and scent method”) using the essential oils. I was also pleased to be able to incorporate the music, the faith-based blessings and blends, and positive touch—all of which focused on bringing healing to the body, heart, mind and spirit.

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