Marie Page of Idaho Changing Negative Environments into Joyous Harmony

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As Joy Coaching® America (now worldwide) continues its growth and expansion, I had the pleasure of meeting Marie Page from Idaho, one of many “Joy Coaches” joining us in this special edition of Business Innovators Magazine July 2020 Issue.

Listen in as we discuss her work as a “Joy Coach” and how she assists in Changing Negative Environments Into Joyous Harmony.

Carol: Marie, welcome. Would you share your definition of a negative environment?

Marie: When a person feels they have nothing good to provide for anyone including themselves. 

Carol: Interesting answer. I need to ask then: what would one’s environment look/feel like if they were experiencing or living in a negative environment?

Marie: Loneliness, unhappiness, and the feeling of not being able to overcome their obstacles that are in their vision.

Carol: What is the most important thing you’d like the readers to know about Changing Negative Environments Into Joyous Harmony?

Marie: When things are happening and you are overwhelmed by negativity in your life, look at the things you are learning while asking: are you having these experiences to realize all the blessings that are in your life and who will you be sharing your experiences with when providing them with hope, as they deal with their own experiences?

Carol: A valuable question often asked: What is your “why” for the work you do Marie?

Marie: I want people to see/feel their value, know that they are loved and that they are needed. They have a very important contribution to make.

Carol: I love that answer. The key – feeling one’s value is so important.
And your purpose for your work Marie?

Marie: To provide support for people as they are learning to love themselves.

Carol: What motivates you?

Marie: Being able to enjoy the happiness of those around me.

Carol: What are you most passionate about in your work?

Marie: Providing knowledge to others that allows them to heal themselves and move on into a future filled with happiness and hope.

Carol: What experiences or events led you to your field of work/practice?

Marie: I have a younger brother who was born with physical disabilities. At a very young age, I learned to be a very caring person full of compassion.

At the age of 13, due to my experience of living with a person with physical disabilities, I was asked to babysit a child who was five years old. She was physically and mentally disabled from birth and had to be cared for, carried, and fed. While babysitting this child, she died in her sleep. As a 13 year old child myself, this was a horrible experience and has affected my life.

Carol: I am so sorry… it’s hard to hear now. The affect on you and your life is so understandable. I’m sorry. Please continue.

Marie: Then while in high school, many of my friends died in several motor vehicle accidents and my cousin was shot and killed by his “best friend” while they were smoking marijuana that was laced with PCP.

In addition, as a young 23 year old, with a 6 month old baby, I went through a divorce due to an unfaithful husband. Then remarried and became a blended family, which brought challenges of its own into my life.

These experiences were very negative, however in precepts, these have provided me with the knowledge of how important they are in our actions and also how important it is to make others feel that they have value and are loved.

Carol: You have experienced quite a bit Marie and yet now you assist others in finding joy and better environments.
What is the single most important aspect of Changing One’s Negative Environment Into Joyous Harmony?

Marie: Seeing the positive in their journey, realizing that this will bring greater happiness when it has passed.

Carol. Nice.
What are some specific ways you can share to demonstrate how someone can change negative environments into joyous harmony?

Marie: I have had several people come into my life with situations where they felt they had no hope.
Two married women, one with children and one without children. Both came into my life as they were leaving abusive marriages. I spoke to them daily, encouraging them as they were taking steps to find themselves, assisting them in identifying their goals.

I continue my contact with them to this day. One is now in nursing school and the other has gone through a second divorce with a small child. Both are looking forward to their future with happiness and joy. They feel they can have a positive future for themselves and their children.

Carol: That has to feel mutually good. I’m very happy that we are having this time so that more people can know of you and be helped as well.
What is one thing you value most from a mentor or peer that you may have used in your life or work?

Marie: Their honesty made me feel important and also that I had value in speaking to others.

Carol: What does Changing Negative Environments into Joyous Harmony result in?

Marie: I feel that there is always hope no matter what your current situation may be. Take the current environment and look for ways to make changes whether it is within yourself or others that allows you to enjoy the many blessings that are around you.

Carol: Is this a process of your work-such as a program or is changing one’s negative environment into a joyous life different for each person?

Marie: It is a joyous process for each person as things change in their thought process of things around them. While this may bring out negative things, you are provided motivation to feel the positive and turn the negative into positive by doing the various activities of journaling, no dominant handwriting, meditating, using essential oils and music.

Carol: Is that part of the work you do as a “Joy Coach”?

Marie: I use Christ centered music, oils, meditation and various activities for the person to use as they are moving in their journey. Allowing them to express themselves in a way that they may not have felt before.

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