Marie Page of Idaho Changing Negative Environments into Joyous Harmony

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My income was the higher income for our family. We had just sent our last child off to college and had an exchange student in our home. This caused an extreme financial hardship on myself and my husband. It was right at the time of the highest unemployment and I went two and half years without a job.

When I found a job, it was at more than one quarter of my previous income and was part time, however while doing this position, my husband had a stroke. Due to my employment, I was able to be with him every day. I was 10 minutes from home. I took him to all of his follow up appointments with his physicians, physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Everyone thought he would not return to work, however with prayer, essential oils and the various therapies, he returned to work in 4 months.

Carol: that is so wonderful and powerful. I can see why you made the choices you have re: Joy Coaching®.

Marie, why does the world need Joy Coaching® now?

Marie: Because our current state of affairs is unknown, isolated and because many people feel helpless and uneasy about the state of the world.

Carol: Anything else you’d like to share re: Joy Coaching® or being or becoming a “Joy Coach”?

Marie: It would be wonderful to have others join us in this program who have the desire to help others through Christ centered music, essential oils and meditation.

Carol: Thank you so much for all you have shared and all that you are doing and have done to Change Negative Environments Into Joyous Harmony via Joy Coaching® and your beautiful work.

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