Dorothy Jones of Arizona Release. Relax. Rejuvenate.

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I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Dorothy Jones this past month. We shared a great conversation. Listen in to hear how your life, health and work can be positively enhanced by Releasing, Relaxing and Rejuvenating, the Dorothy Jones way of combined modalities including Joy Coaching®.

Carol: Release, Relax, Rejuvenate. When I hear and think of those words, the feelings of mixed emotions, good energy, definite release for sure, and how, as I learned about them in my life, positive changes, better situations, experiences and improved health resulted from understanding each of them. A very potent 3 words indeed.

Dorothy, how did they come to be important for you and a part of your co-branding and work?

Dorothy: Thank you Carol. I found that for myself, I had to let go of emotions and memories that were causing me pain – Release. As I focused on positive outcomes that I wanted in my life through the help of music, essential oils, and nurturing touch, my body released the stress it was holding onto and my body and I began to Relax. When I was done processing painful emotions and memories, I felt refreshed, revitalized and renewed: Rejuvenated, as I faced the future.

Carol: Thus, Release, Relax and Rejuvenate. That’s a great way to begin our conversation on this much needed topic and your work.
What experiences or what led you to your field of work?

Dorothy: On an educational level, my BS degree was in Early Childhood & Elementary Education with a minor in Family Relationships. As a teacher, working retail, and as an entrepreneur, I have experienced firsthand how emotions can cause problems down the road when they are set aside and not dealt with at the time. A small situation can escalate quickly because of emotional trauma in both adults and children.

On a personal and life experiences level, what I am about to share is what led me to further studies and my practice?

On the evening of March 27, 2012, my husband called crying, “When are you coming home?” I could tell that something was very wrong. I raced home from work beating the ambulance by seconds. I followed the paramedics into my bedroom where my son stood and frantically waved his arms. My husband laid on the floor with a blood-soaked towel wrapped around his head.

My husband has a history of seizure. I wondered: “Did he have a seizure and fall?” He could not remember what had happened.

At the hospital, the ER doctor put in twenty-five stitches and ran numerous tests. After he was admitted to the hospital, I went home and cleaned the trail of blood leading to the bathroom. To my dismay, I discovered that the bathtub was missing a quarter size chunk. The following day, I was told that my husband had suffered a traumatic brain injury. At that pivotal moment, I realized that my life’s course had changed forever.

Over the next several months, and more frequent falls, I realized that my husband would never be the same. His confusion led to angry outbursts – always directed at me. A week before Thanksgiving, he fell again banging his head hard and fracturing his back. Being at a skilled nursing facility to recover, his confusion grew and would strike out to caregivers and physical therapists. He was scared, uncooperative and refused to participate in physical therapy and basic skills needed to recover. He was diagnosed with vascular dementia and I was told he could not stay in rehab since he was “uncooperative.” In three days, I had to decide where he should go.

With limited resources I soon realized I would need to care for my husband at home. I took a leave of absence from teaching school. I felt like I was living a nightmare! This was not the life I had planned. Grief stricken, confused and angry, I shut everyone out of my life to “take care of him” and I was not particularly good at it. With angry outbursts, no sleep and no support, I sunk deeper and deeper into depression. I felt lost, confused, and devastated by grief and what the future would be like terrified me.

I had trouble taking care of myself – let alone him. Medical bills piled up, credit cards stretched to the limit and no hope that my husband would get better or work again. My sick leave diminished. It became necessary to return and finish the school year.

I was completely overwhelmed physically and emotionally with demands in all areas of my life. My relationship with my husband completely changed. I became his primary caregiver, along with all that can entail, from personal hygiene to feeding, at times.

Within several months, I sold our home, found an apartment for myself and an assisted living arrangement for my husband, moved, retired and closed my husband’s business. I thought I was coping with everything, but instead of dealing with it – I pushed it in – keeping my real emotions away.

I began actively searching for ways to help my husband recover. I spent the next several years in personal development and self-improvement. I learned that it was impossible to help anyone else cope if I did not take care of my own emotional needs.

Throughout this process, I discovered that emotional baggage is the biggest single thing that diminishes our lives from living the life we are meant to live.

I discovered various healing methods and systems such as: essential oils, The Emotion Code, Joy Coaching® America, and Foot Zoning. However, I found that I needed these tools myself to turn my own deep pressed emotions into Joy and connect to a Higher Power.

Carol: A very potent and heart felt share of that part of your life. I know firsthand all that can go along with and into personal caregiving. I am so happy you made it through. Your husband was blessed to have you and it seems you were blessed as well with the learning and growth that ensued in your own life, and now those that may be blessed with the sharing of your story, message and services.
This leads me to your passion for the work you do. Care to elaborate?

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