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Essential oils assist in the process of raising the body’s vibration to a higher level Lowers stress levels, release tension held in the body Enhances Mood Helps with healing inside by stimulating the Parasympathetic Nervous System Light touch – helps the client feel connected physically in a nurturing non-sexual way The lyrics and music connect to the Divine Increases the Heart – Mind – Body – Spirit connection Helps to release deep felt emotions

Carol: What are some of common misconceptions about releasing, relaxing and rejuvenating?

Dorothy: Some of us have spent years collecting and stashing negative or hurtful emotions, so it may take so time for them to be fully released. This process has been compared to peeling an onion – only to find other emotions need to be released. During a session, the client may experience many emotions and hopefully end with feeling peace and joy. Unlike a massage, the client is fully dressed and face up on the table for the Relaxation Session.

Carol: Any challenges that you have found when a client begins this work?

Dorothy: Usually the client has concerns of what emotions may be discovered. Everything that is shared or discovered is fully confidential and treated with respect. Sometimes, the client does not remember the experience that caused the emotion and that is OK!

Carol: What is the most important point you would like the readers to know about releasing, relaxation, and rejuvenating?

Dorothy: The Relaxation Session is a gentle nurturing session with application of pure essential oils, inspiring music, and nurturing touch. It is never too late to release emotions that are holding you back. Being in a state of “fight or flight” is detrimental to your wellbeing. I am here to help you discover and release them so you can have a life of joy and fulfillment.

Carol: What are 2-3 tips that the readers can utilize today to begin their journey of releasing, relaxing and rejuvenating?

Dorothy: A few tips to get started are:
1. The Breaths of Seven
Breathe in for the count of seven…hold that breath for the count of seven…breathe out for the count of seven…hold with no breath for the count of seven…and then REPEAT 7x.

Do the Breaths of Seven in the morning when you wake up each day. (Taught by Kristin Hicks)

2. Write It & Release IT
· In the morning write about a negative emotion.
i.e.: On the top of the paper write “I feel “angry” because . . .

· Set a timer for 3-5 minutes and write down everything you can that makes you feel that way.

· When the timer goes off, STOP! Read over what you wrote and then Release it by TEARING
it up.

When you write down the reasons you feel that way, it validates the emotion. Putting your feelings down and then tearing the paper into shreds, helps to release that emotion. Do not edit anything. This paper is just for your eyes and no one else!

3. Gratitude Journal
· In the evening, write in a journal using the opposite emotion from the emotion you wrote
about in the morning. Ex. If you used the word angry in the AM, then you may want to use
the word ‘happy’ or ‘peaceful’ or whatever word you wish to use.
i.e.: On the top of the paper write: “I feel “happy” because . . .

· Set a timer for 3-5 minutes and write down everything you can that makes you feel that way.

· When the timer goes off, stop! Read what you wrote and reflect on those experiences.

· These writings should be saved and shared. Use a notebook or a journal to record your

Carol: Those are very nice steps for us to take on our way to Release, Relax and Rejuvenate. Thank you. Anything we haven’t covered so far that you’d like to share Dorothy?

Dorothy: Did you know that when you have an emotional trauma – it takes 11 days to recover from it.
Ask yourself: – What is NOT taking care of yourself costing you? Are you depressed? Is it keeping you from having Joy in your life

 We all have our stuff (emotions) in life that affect us. Release, Relax, Rejuvenate can help you sort out emotions that are trapped and that have not yet been dealt with. Those emotions do not just go away. Have you ever reacted to a situation and wondered where that emotion came from?

I am looking forward to helping you in releasing any emotions that are keeping you from living the life you want and to help with your relaxation journey! Thank you, Carol!

Carol: Thank you so much Dorothy. How enlightening and helpful. How can our readers best contact or learn more about you?

Release, Relax, Rejuvenate Dorothy Jones Email:

Phone: 602-318-8679

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