Dorothy Jones of Arizona Release. Relax. Rejuvenate.

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Dorothy: I discovered that by releasing negative emotions and claiming joy impacted my life tremendously! I “stuffed” so many negative emotions down to the deepest part of my soul and pretended that everything was OK for years. It is so liberating to take each part of your broken heart, fears, feelings of being inadequate and trapped emotions and release them! Just let them go!

Although it can be quite a process, it is totally worth it! I want everyone to feel that sense of renewaland be that shining light in their world. You can Release, Relax and feel Rejuvenated once more!

Carol: Let’s now delve into more detail and specifics of a person’s world today and how releasing, relaxing and rejuvenating plays a part.

What are 3 points you absolutely want to be certain we cover here re: Releasing, Relaxing and Rejuvenating?


Release emotions that are holding you back. Identify what the emotion is and the age it occurred. Relax your body, mind, & spirit by letting go of limiting beliefs.

The music and essential oil help, replacing those limiting thoughts with new experiences by journaling about what is wanted.

Rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit and you will be refreshed with a new desire to move forward. There is a sense of freedom when trapped emotions are set free and feelings of peace and renewal occurs.

Carol: What would someone’s daily self-talk sound like if they were experiencing the effects of negative emotions?

Dorothy: A person who is experiencing the effects of negative emotions may be talking to themselves in a negative way. Such as: “Why am I so stupid?” “No one wants me as a friend.” “I can’t do anything right.” “I am not good enough.” “I don’t know what or how to do things without help.”

Carol: Will you share what effects negative emotions may look like or how they are experienced in one’s life, besides how wonderfully you shared your powerful past experience?

Dorothy: Have you ever wondered what it would be like without any emotions? Can you imagine what a dull existence we would have without any emotions? “No joy would be possible. No feelings of happiness, bliss, charity, or kindness. There would be no love felt, no positive emotions of any kind.” (The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson C 2007-2011)

There would also be no negative emotions either. No sorrow, no anger, no feelings of depression, and no grief. Life would be just a mere existence without emotions.

If you are like me, there are emotions that you would rather not experience like anxiety, anger, grief, frustration and fear. We have all had our share of feeling a variety of negative emotions. Although some of these negative emotions were felt years ago, they may still be creating problems for us in very damaging ways.

Carol: What is the single most important aspect of decluttering the effects of our negative emotions?

Dorothy: “Negative emotions are emotions that were not fully processed.” (The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson) They can cause pain and dis-ease in the future if not dealt with. A couple of years ago I got sick right before my daughter and her family came to visit. The coughing and bronchitis went for weeks even after they left. I muscle tested myself and discovered that negative emotions were making me sick. I was upset that they were staying and spending more time with her husband’s family and not me. I worked on myself. In a couple of days, I was better.

Carol: What is your specific niche?

Dorothy: I have a couple of niches.
I have worked with individuals who feel like they feel “stuck” or have “unfinished business” to take care of. Clients have discovered that they are not “lazy,” but sometimes experiences or emotions, often from childhood or generationally, are holding them back.

Through my own experiences with grief, I help people who are grieving a loss of a relationship or loved one.

It is so important to give our children or grandchildren the emotional support they need while they are young. With my background in elementary education and child development, I would like to expand my niche to comfort children (or the child within) who is grieving loss or abuse.

Carol: So, your ideal client?

Dorothy: My ideal client is a person who is wanting and willing to discover the reasons why they are stuck or grieving a loss. I work with women, men and children.

Carol: I’d like to talk about the Joy Coaching® training and its part of your work. You are a participant in the Special Edition of Business Innovators Magazine re: Deep Relaxation Therapists for Peace with focus also on Joy Coaching® America.

Can you delve just a bit more into specifically what Joy Coaching® America is?

Dorothy: Joy Coaching® America is a process that uses all five senses to help one connect to their emotions and/or “Higher Power.” In each module, we learn how to use The Healer’s Touch Method ™, Karyn Grant’s original inspirational songs, essential oils and blends, and inspiring stories (journals) from Karyn’s own struggles and her “down-loads” from heaven that helped her and in turn – can also help us.

Carol: How has Joy Coaching® benefitted and still does benefit you personally in overcoming what life can bring?

Dorothy: I met Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT and founder of Joy Coaching® America at the Mesa Energy Healing Conference in February 2017. I purchased some of her CD’s and started to listen to them. The more I listened to her music – more tears would surface and wash away bits of pain and depression. Karyn had a special gift of sharing her heart, music and tender emotions that helped me to cope with my own situation and inspired me to help others.

At that time, Karyn was traveling to Arizona about every 6 weeks, to work with “Joy Coaches” in Arizona, which was a true blessing in my life. While Karyn was in Arizona, she held classes for the “Joy Coaches” and did one on one sessions with each of us. As I listened and participated in the “live” classes and webinars, I discovered that while I listened to Karyn’s music and nurtured myself with essential oils, I was able to relax and release deep felt emotions.

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