Dawn Livingstone: Making Positive Changes; Is it Really Possible by Just Changing Yourself from Within?

I recently had the great pleasure of talking with Dawn Livingstone, founder of Voyage of Transcendence. She has been an energy healer for over 20 years and has had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people shift their lives to being more positive and joyful. Dawn empowers people take back control of their lives, to move on by changing their perceptions, and by expanding their awareness and consciousness. She helps them raise their vibration to a much higher level. Then they can stop attracting the things that they don’t want and start to create the things that they do.

JC: Hi Dawn. Thanks for joining me. What’s your company and website?

Dawn: I have two websites. One of them is dawnlivingstone.com, which is my main website, and the other one is voyageoftranscendence.com, which is my business name.

Dawn: Voyage of Transcendence, is so named for two reasons; firstly, the voyage, it’s all about each person and their own journey and I want to empower people to move on when they feel stuck, and secondly, the transcendence, because we need to transcend through things that aren’t serving us like bad health, debt, pain and suffering on any level.

JC: Who do you help and what is the biggest challenge that you help them solve and the solutions that you provide?

Dawn: I help people take back control of their lives, to move on by changing their perceptions and expanding their awareness and consciousness and raising their vibration to a much higher level. Then they can stop attracting the things that they don’t want and start to create the things that they do.

Dawn: I help people to understand why they are creating the lives that they’re living, which is overwhelmingly pain, shock, anger, debt, bad health, and suffering of some kind in any way, shape, or form. Then through education, investigation, and vibration, I’ll help them to take back control of their lives. The vast majority of us hold onto and internalize feelings and emotions that we’ve been conditioned to think is a show of weakness if we express them. It’s a major problem because this all works like a volcano. So, everything under the surface keeps mounting up, and causing a lot of pressure until there’s nothing left for it to do except erupt.  I see this with kids being bullied, and after a while, they can’t take it any longer, so they break down or they become violent. Those who are or were in the military, they experienced the real horror and the pain of what they witnessed in war, and they create PTSD.

Dawn: I see it in those that have been abused, who create addictions and they get out of control. I see it in the overwhelm and the stress of our first responders who absorb others energy like a sponge, and understandably so, look at the fear and the panic that they’re surrounded with every single day, they get so overloaded that they can cease to function well. They have to take a lot of time off, they create illnesses themselves, so it’s not just disruptive to their lives, but to the lives of those around them. I specialize in helping them dissolve the vibrations of trauma and pain, shock, abuse, blocked emotions in the physical body quickly, so that they can return to being balanced on all levels, get their lives back on track, and stop creating the situations that mirror the pain that they have, so they can start to generate a better life.

JC: Why is that important that you help them with that solution?

Dawn: Well, most of us experience lots of difficulties with whatever is going on at the time in their lives. It’s very important to have it addressed because the longer it goes on unaddressed, the more severe it’ll become. If we don’t address the true root cause of the situation, we run the risk of creating more physical ailments. All these issues come from memories along with the feelings and the emotions that those memories are recreating.

JC: Because it is the memories of the emotions and those feelings that stay under the surface. Sometimes we don’t see that they’re there. and there’s a trigger. We don’t know what happened, what triggers that.

Dawn: Intuitively I can help with that because usually I can get the answer based on reading the body. The organs will tell me where they’re suppressed, where there’s anger, where there’s suppressed hatred, anything that’s stuck in there and the reasons why, and it can be cleared energetically from that level.

JC: So, all that energy that gets stuck in there.

Dawn: It can get stuck anywhere. It just depends on where and what the experience was and what the resulting fear or emotions are as to where it goes, it can go in different places for different people.

JC: And that causes a lot of stress and a lot of illnesses too, because that affects our whole immune system.

Dawn: Stress is really impactful on the immune system. Very negatively unfortunately, because stress increases the bad hormones and decreases the good and happy hormones. It’s very detrimental to health. Our immune system is so important!

JC: What are the obstacles that they have in front of them that they come to you?

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