How to Use Promotional Products to Brand Your Business, Stand Out, And Stay Top of Mind

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JC: I’m sitting down today with Tommy Sommers to learn more about using promotional products in our businesses. Welcome, it’s great to get a chance to learn from you. I know everyone will get a lot of value from your experience.  Just let’s start by describing how you help your clients and who you help mainly. What are the problems that they have, and why is it so important that you help them?

Tommy: I make sure my clients are educated on the products by sharing my 35 plus years of experience with them so that they can make educated, informed buying decisions while getting quality products.

JC: What’s the name of the company and the website?

Tommy: LogoZone Promotions and it is

Tommy: I can help any type of business looking to put their image and logo onto products. However, the key point is to educate them about the process and the products so that they can make informed buying decisions. It’s not about me just trying to sell them a product or if they know they want a shirt, me just trying to sell them a shirt. It’s about educating them on the buying decision and the product itself because every now and then, they’ll change their mind and go, oh, you know what? That’s not really what I wanted, I actually do want that instead. I arm them with educated information so that they can make informed buying decisions. Then we talk about consistent branding and color matching and why it is important.

JC: So, why is consistent branding and color matching important to a business owner?

Tommy: That’s a great question. Being consistent and always matching builds trust amongst your customers and prospects because no matter what you’re doing or putting out there, it needs to be consistent. Because that’s how people are going to learn to trust you and remember you, or not.

JC: And what are some of the products that you offer for them to get that consistency, the color branding, and to get people to remember them?

Tommy: This is where I ask a lot of questions. And I would say to you, if you’re buying products, apparel, anything with your information or logo on it, and nobody is asking you questions, they’re just taking your money. The reason you need to ask questions is to find out why are they really buying? Are you reselling it for a profit? Are you putting it out at a tradeshow on a table for someone to come by and take as a giveaway item? If so, you obviously don’t want them to throw it away. Is it something you are giving to an employee that’s representing your company? And you want that employee to now be proud of it and carry, not go home and stash and say, I’m not going to represent this. And so that’s what it’s really about

Tommy: It’s about finding what it is you truly want. Somebody says to me, I need representation, and nobody knows about my business. Then we need to discuss some marketing ideas maybe for the outside. People know you have a storefront, let’s talk. Some people already have ideas of what they want and that’s great. However others don’t and so we ask questions on what it is again, that they’re using the items for or who they are going too. Then I can offer my expertise from there, helping guide them in the proper direction with some suggestions and even samples if needed.

JC: So, some of the benefits you say is, you educate them. So, they’ll know what they need to do. Is there a benefit for them when they deal with you directly, instead of dealing with major a corporation? By dealing with a small business owner who is also a consultant?

Tommy: I believe so, as sometimes in big business I feel like a number and not a person myself. So, I wanted to make sure when I started LogoZone Promotions, that we treated people like we want to be treated and not like a number or someone who just spends money with us.  One of the benefits of working with a small company is the hands-on approach we take while walking you thru every step of the process. Having a quality product is not the only important thing when you are buying something, as being consistent with your colors is just as important. Whatever their color or branding or image is, whether it’s a picture, an animal or a saying/quote, it needs to be consistent across all platforms. Whether that’s, again, apparel, a giveaway, an item on their desk, on their countertop, something the public is seeing when they come inside the establishment? Is this something they’re reselling at a storefront location or online? So again, all of these things and more can be asked and found out before just making a sale to somebody.

JC: Why is consistency so important?

Tommy: Because it’s how you’re remembered. And when you’re consistent, you stand out and people remember you much more often. One of the main reasons you should build a brand is so that consumers can recognize your business. Consistency with your brand will also allow customers and prospects to trust your brand which in turn, leads to more positive feelings about your brand. We see all the big brands and their consistency with their colors and logo whether that be Pepsi, Spirit Airlines, Home Depot, Starbucks and I could go on, but you get the drift. Therefore, it is even more important for us small business owners to stay consistent with our colors and our branding.

JC Soto

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