How to Use Promotional Products to Brand Your Business, Stand Out, And Stay Top of Mind

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JC: So, why is consistent branding and color matching important to a business owner?

Tommy: That’s a great question. Being consistent and always matching builds trust amongst your customers and prospects because no matter what you’re doing or putting out there, it needs to be consistent. Because that’s how people are going to learn to trust you and remember you, or not.

JC: And what are some of the products that you offer for them to get that consistency, the color branding, and to get people to remember them?

Tommy: This is where I ask a lot of questions. And I would say to you, if you’re buying products, apparel, anything with your information or logo on it, and nobody is asking you questions, they’re just taking your money. The reason you need to ask questions is to find out why are they really buying? Are you reselling it for a profit? Are you putting it out at a tradeshow on a table for someone to come by and take as a giveaway item? If so, you obviously don’t want them to throw it away. Is it something you are giving to an employee that’s representing your company? And you want that employee to now be proud of it and carry, not go home and stash and say, I’m not going to represent this. And so that’s what it’s really about

JC Soto

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