Chances are if you’re a marketer for a business, you wear many different hats. Some of them probably aren’t even marketing hats. From product marketing to content creation, social posts to event presence—even sales—you name it: It’s on you.

So why would you want to and add video marketing on top of all that? The truth is, there are A LOT of benefits of video marketing for a business.

Recently we spoke with Marci Klein, CEO and Emmy winning director of Klein Creative Media and asked her to share with us why a business owner should consider video for their business. Marci shared her top 6 reasons she felt business leaders should use video for marketing, websites, and much more!

  1. Increase the understanding of your product or service

Products and services can be complex, and it’s essential that your audience understands yours before they make a purchase or investment. Keep in mind, website visitors are 64 to 85% more likely to purchase or invest after watching a professional high-quality video. A video gives you a chance to show—not just tell—potential customers what you’re offering and how it solves a problem.

  1. Offer your consumers the medium they want.

Video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic in the world by 2021! On top of that, 4x as many consumers or clients would rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it, according to eMarketer. Without a doubt, video content is your audience’s medium of choice and is 600x times more effective than print.

  1. Rank higher in search

While YouTube is the second largest search engine, Google is the first. Adding video to your website can increase your search rankings on Google (and others like Bing and Yahoo) significantly.

The truth is, adding a video to your website increases your chances of ranking on the first page of Google results by 50x. That makes it well worth the effort—especially when 75% of people never venture past that first page!

  1. Build stronger brand affiliation and connection

Watching a video provides both audio and visual stimulation. The mere activation of both of these areas of the brain means that viewers are more engaged and therefore naturally develop stronger affiliation and interest in the content they’re consuming.

This is crucial for a business striving for brand recognition and dependent on loyal customers who keep coming back for more.

  1. Tell a stronger story

There’s no better way to reel buyers in than with a compelling story. Build a bond with customers and build trust.

  1. Make friends with authentic video footage

Get your CEO behind the camera and get going!

As many as 40% of consumers state that video increases the chance that they’ll purchase a product or service on their mobile device. Website visitors are 64% more likely to purchase on an online retail site after watching a video.

Companies that use video are growing revenue 49% faster than those that don’t. The numbers speak for themselves, but we’ll say it anyway: You need video.

Here’s Klein Creative Media CEO behind the camera


Video Marketing Statistics for 2019


  1. Cisco has projected that more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021.

Why it’s relevant: Users are using video more – so they’ll expect to see it on every site they visit, including yours! Video helps people stay on sites longer and stay more engaged. So use it!

  1. More video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years. (Source: Insivia)

Why it’s relevant: Similar to the stat above, video is everywhere. There is so much content produced and published that users are getting used to interacting with a wider range of brands (other than just YouTube stars) with video. Your brand needs to be one of them.

  1. While larger companies do produce more videos on average, there is no direct correlation between company size and the number of videos published.

In fact, companies with less than $10 million in revenue are holding their own (and even outperforming!) much larger organizations when it comes to video production—which is a noticeable change from last year’s data.

Why it’s relevant: You can create video even on a budget! Smaller companies are catching up to larger companies when it comes to video production because there’s less red tape – but this also proves two points. First, that small companies CAN create a lot of content – and second, large companies need to rethink their video strategy.

  1. Unsurprisingly, small businesses use the fewest external resources for video marketing, with only 24% reporting that they relied exclusively on agencies, contract employees, or freelancers.


Why it’s relevant: Again, you don’t need a massive budget or outside help to produce quality content. Find out what you can afford and work from there.

  1. Businesses in high tech and professional services industries are publishing the newest videos on a monthly basis.

Why it’s relevant: If you’re in high tech or professional services, pay attention. Your competitors are creating video content, so you need to create better, more helpful content and professional quality. Even If you’re not in these industries, take the chance to stand out.

Tera Jenkins

Project Manager with WBEC-West.