Leslie Morand Explains The Best Non Invasive Method For Improving Skin and Looking Better

20150924_223035-1What would you say is the best non-invasive method for improving the skin and looking better?

Leslie: I would say it would have to be a combination of three non-invasive facial treatments. Combining these three can give a person better results than picking just one. I combine them into one program. It is a three part process. It includes Oxygen and Micro Current technology for muscle toning and finally it includes Organic Bio Peel from Belgium. I call this my Transformation Anti-Aging Facial.

Ok there is a lot in what you just said. Let’s take them one by one. Can you expand on Oxygen and how it is part of the process you use?

Leslie: Sure. It’s a process where we use an Oxygen Machine under Hyperbaric pressure. We do this using the Oxygen machine and infusing High Active Serums into the skin. There are several different serums to choose from depending on skin type. The process allows us to apply a skin specific blend of essential vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants, collagen and amino peptides. The Oxygen Hyperbaric Process is used in hospitals to heal burn patients by stimulating the collagen process.

What can someone getting these types of treatments expect in terms of results?

Leslie: The results are instant. The skin will have a glow and be rejuvenated and the skin tone will be balanced. It also helps with puffiness around the eye area and wrinkles and lines are minimized. Also pores appear smaller.

Is this something that is a one time treatment or will they need more treatments?

Leslie: They will see results from the first treatment but best results will come from a series of treatments. I recommend that my clients do a series of weekly treatments for six weeks. After that they can maintain results with a monthly treatment.

Ok let’s talk about Micro Current. Can you tell me what it is?

Leslie: Yes it is a nonsurgical or non invasive electro stimulator. Essentially the way it works is that it sends a Micro Current through the skin and muscle via two hand probes that we use during the treatment. This produces a firming and filling effect in the skin. It also lifts the muscles and helps to stimulate collagen which will reduce lines. It reduces puffiness and dark circles from around your eyes. It also reduces many of the signs of aging and can be used as a preventative method for younger clients or of course can be used as a rejuvenating treatment for mature clients.

Is Micro Current only for the facial treatments?

Leslie: Actually Micro Current is very useful and effective for toning breasts, thighs, buttocks, arms and the stomach. This technique has been used in the medical profession for over 21 years.

Is there any pain involved with Micro Current treatments?

Leslie: No it’s painless. In fact, it’s quite safe and actually good for you. It’s actually one of the fastest growing services in the esthetic anti-aging industry.

That is interesting, why is Micro Current one of the fastest growing services in the esthetic anti-aging industry today?

Leslie: Recent Micro Current studies performed at the University of Washington demonstrated a 48% increase in natural elastin production, a 14% increase in the production of natural collagen and a 38% increase in blood circulation over the course of 20 days. There just isn’t anything else out there in terms of esthetic treatments that can provide these kinds of results.

So the last piece was the Organic Bio Peel. How is it different from other peels on the market?

Leslie: Well there is zero acid for one thing. It works through cellular metabolism and although it actually results in three times more peeling than other methods, it is 100% natural. No harsh chemicals involved or anything like that. It infuses into the skin to achieve immediate results. It can help with aging wrinkles, scars, pigmentation problems, enlarged pores and even stretch marks.

How does your approach of combining these technologies differ from other methods?

Leslie: There are two main ways. One is down time. Many types of more invasive methods such as surgical methods or some types of abrasion methods can come with considerable down time. This may not be something that can fit into a person’s life at this point in time. But the methods I am describing require no down time. So you can get right back to normal daily activities. The other way it differs is that there are no lasers of radio frequency treatments which that are employed in some other methods. Some of those types of treatments can be harmful to the skin even though they are described as non-invasive.

So that pretty much describes the advantages of your methods as well?

Leslie: Yes, pretty much instant results. It’s safe and there is no down time.

Who would you say is the ideal candidate for this method?

Leslie: Anyone who wants to look younger and have more radiant healthy looking skin without going under the knife. Mostly this includes women as they age. But it is not necessarily age specific and certainly many men enjoy the benefits as well.

How can someone who wants to learn more reach you?

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