Leslie Morand Explains The Best Non Invasive Method For Improving Skin and Looking Better

20150924_223035-1What would you say is the best non-invasive method for improving the skin and looking better?

Leslie: I would say it would have to be a combination of three non-invasive facial treatments. Combining these three can give a person better results than picking just one. I combine them into one program. It is a three part process. It includes Oxygen and Micro Current technology for muscle toning and finally it includes Organic Bio Peel from Belgium. I call this my Transformation Anti-Aging Facial.

Ok there is a lot in what you just said. Let’s take them one by one. Can you expand on Oxygen and how it is part of the process you use?

Leslie: Sure. It’s a process where we use an Oxygen Machine under Hyperbaric pressure. We do this using the Oxygen machine and infusing High Active Serums into the skin. There are several different serums to choose from depending on skin type. The process allows us to apply a skin specific blend of essential vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants, collagen and amino peptides. The Oxygen Hyperbaric Process is used in hospitals to heal burn patients by stimulating the collagen process.

Ian Lombardo

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