Life Coach Niki Brown Discusses How Life Coaching Can Help Women Of All Ages Prosper

Alesha Thomas:                 I love that advice. I absolutely love that advice. I think it goes back to the specific season in one’s life and just playing off of that vocabulary, summer and winter.

                                                      Niki, I want to shift gears a little bit, and I want to talk about you, and really it amazes me how much you have going on, and how well you’re able to balance everything. I mentioned earlier about your women’s conference, Ignite, and it was absolutely dynamic.

Niki Brown:                            Thank you.

Alesha Thomas:                 Outside of the conference, outside of your counseling, you’re, also, in the middle of really launching and pushing your book, which you did talk about earlier. Can you tell us a little bit more about that read?

Niki Brown:                            Sure. There is More, Eight Steps to Embracing the Greater You, is a compilation of my life and my journey to breaking free of limitations. It’s, also, an integration of the years and the hundreds of women I have counseled, and men, too. The book is for women though, but the hundreds of men and women that I have counseled, and the commonality that I’ve seen with all of us. I don’t just say them, us, because I’m included. There were many times when I was in therapy with people, when I was counseling them, I really was counseling myself. There is More is really geared towards that woman who feels stuck in life, in whatever personal or professional stage she’s in, whether she is just coming out of high school, going through college, and they’re just not clear of what the next steps should really be.

                                                      Sometimes when you’re stuck, you will come to a conclusion that maybe this is it, and you will settle for what you can get versus what you really desire, and I think I walked that journey for many, many years, because I just didn’t know what I was gifted in. I didn’t know how great I really was. I didn’t have a lot of cheerleaders around me saying, “This is what I see in you. This is what I think is possible.” I didn’t have that cheerleader within myself, and so for many years, I settled in places that did not really speak to the potential of who I was, the greatness of who I was. I settled in relationships. I settled in jobs. I settled in my ministry assignment, because I just didn’t know. When I was told during those various times what I could be, I didn’t believe it.

                                                      This book is to really shake the cages, and to raise the consciousness level of women in whatever stage they’re in. It’s even for the successful woman, who comes to a season in her life where she has conquered the mountain, yet there’s still this emptiness she feels. There’s a sense of, “Okay, so I’m here. I’ve got the degree. I went back to law school. I’m a lawyer,” and after five, six years, she’s starting to feel restless, and can’t explain it. There’s a chapter in my book called Trust the Transition, and it’s for all those successful women who have said, “Hey, is this it? Shouldn’t there be more,” or, “I want more. I don’t know what more looks like, because I’m so successful.” Sometimes success can keep you from seeing the next level of your dimension.

                                                      I think that that’s what this book is really designed to do. It’s for the woman who is stuck in any stage or phase or their life. Stuck in their vision, stuck in their sense of purpose, stuck in activating their God intention. They know what their purpose is. They know where they’re gifted, but, for some reason, they’re always in a season of getting ready, getting ready, getting ready, and I think many of us have been there. You know what it is. You have the book titles. You have the business idea. You have the blueprint. You just haven’t activated it, and you can’t explain to anybody why. This book helps to explain to you why you’re stuck, and to push you out of those corners of life, and to really get you to embrace the greater you.

Alesha Thomas:                 I think that’s wonderful. I definitely don’t want this conversation to end, but I know time is of the essence. Is there anything in particular that you would like to add?

Niki Brown:                            I’m just excited about this season in my life, as well as the women who I’m going to be connecting with. I just recently moved here from New Jersey to Lexington, and there is more … It’s a personal journey that I had to take. When I left New Jersey I said, “Oh, my God, I guess this is it. I don’t know anybody. How do I start over? It’s been so many years that I’ve developed this here in New Jersey. How do I start again?” Really being able to minister- There is More to me has just fueled my passion, and I got the wonderful opportunity to meet you, and it was great seeing you at my conference. I’m excited about meeting more women, such as yourself, and just getting connected with what they’re doing, and helping them to release the more that’s in them.

Alesha Thomas:                 The services that you offer, defined your book. How might those who are interested in your services contact you?

Niki Brown:                            Yes. They can go to my website, to That’s with one K, Niki,

Alesha Thomas:                 Perfect. Niki, thank you so much.

Niki Brown:                            Thank you, Alesha.


Alesha Thomas

Alesha Thomas is a contributing writer for Business Innovators Magazine and Small Business Trendsetters, covering business leaders in lifestyle and personal development.