Love and Relationship Coach Emmy Hernandez Shares Her Entrepreneurial Journey and Success Tips For Female Entrepreneurs


Emmy Hernandez is a Love & Relationship Coach who is an expert in helping single career-driven women attract and keep healthy, epic love. She focuses on helping single women with her unique holistic approach to love and dating for the modern woman in a private 1:1 setting or in a sacred group with other women. In this interview, Emmy Hernandez shares her inspiring journey, success secrets and key actions that you can learn from.


Izdihar: How did you start your Entrepreneurship journey? 


Emmy: I never intended to be an entrepreneur.  In fact, I couldn’t even spell the word, much less be one! HA!  But as it is for many people, sometimes necessity drives our actions more than motivation.  I grew up and had a very “successful” story for being the first person in my family to graduate from college and then go on to incredible careers. There was just one issue that seemed to haunt me. It seemed as though as I became more successful by society standards, the more difficult it became to find quality men as potential life partners.

I have many stories of heartbreak and living with a verbally abusive, toxic narcissist for 2 years. It felt like no matter what I did, I either attracted a super douche or a super loser and I was tired of having my heartbroken. So after I went on a healing journey to figure out HOW to bring in healthy love I met my now-husband, Matt.  I spent many years studying, learning, and healing from different teachers, authors, and experts.  Once many of my friends met Matt, they wondered and asked me how I had met such an incredible man and they wanted to know how to do it for themselves.  That’s when Duality of Athena was born.


Izdihar: Who inspired you to start your business?


Emmy: My husband and all the women who poured their souls to me after yet another heartbreak.

Izdihar: What type of services or products do you offer?


Emmy: I offer customized one-on-one VIP Coaching for the woman who is ready to take true charge of her love life and wants to accelerate her results without wasting any time.  We take a deep dive for 12 months in all aspects of their lives and I become the daily “love Fairy Godmother” because I’m always there to guide them.


I also offer a group coaching program for women who want access to my video courses and want access to a group setting with women, but want to take the program at their own pace.

Izdihar: What is the best part of being an Entrepreneur?


Emmy: Seeing my clients go through their breakthrough moments that change their lives forever.  I LIVE for these moments!  They are my fuel.


Izdihar: What is the most challenging part about being an Entrepreneur?


Emmy: Finding the right people to delegate work that is not in my zone of genius.

Izdihar: What are your biggest lessons about being an Entrepreneur?


Emmy: The sooner you admit to which areas of your business are not a natural skill for you, outsource to an expert immediately.


Also, hire out work that is easy to do, but not worth your time.  For example, as soon I hit $10k in sales, I hired my first cleaning lady to come in weekly to do laundry, dishes and bathrooms.  She also started bringing me home cooked meals.   I pay her $20/hour and she’s worth every penny.  Could I clean?  Of course, but I was actually LOSING money every time I did it because my hourly rate is much much higher than that!

Izdihar: How are you different from other Entrepreneurs in the same industry?


Emmy: I’m different because I combine science and strategy with a little bit of magic to help my clients breakthrough their limiting beliefs around love and other areas of their life.  My VIP clients don’t only have me as their ‘Love’ coach, we address ALL areas of their life because everything is connected. I also promise my clients that they will find love while working with me and if it doesn’t happen within a specified time frame, we keep working together, at no extra cost, until they do.


Izdihar: What are your top 3 advice to other Entrepreneurs/your niche?


Emmy: My top 3 advice:

  1. Hire out a virtual assistant ASAP even if you start with $100/month
  2. Make sure to share your story and stories on video on as many social media platforms
  3. Create content that inspires people from a place of wisdom and training, not from a place of complaining.

Izdihar: What’s your secret to balancing your family, business and ME time?


Emmy: BOUNDARIES.  Set them.  Follow them.  I have a set boundary that I do not take client calls on the weekends. The evenings and weekends are for me and my husband. ONLY.  I also block off one day a week where I work ON the business and not IN it.  This means that I make videos, take myself to lunch, meditate, retail therapy and anything else I want to do and can do because I don’t coach anyone that day. The best way to create a schedule to block out when you are NOT available is to use  


Izdihar: What’s 1 key action that anybody can take today to move closer to their goals?


Emmy: You DON’T need a website to start.  I closed $200k in business before I even started my website. 

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