Sarah Findel Leads Team of New Breed Real Estate Advisors

We are here today with Luxury Real Estate Advisor Sarah Findel. Sarah has a discerning eye for luxury properties and a knack for creative, out-the-box solutions that serve her clients well. 

Sarah and her team are the new breed of Real Estate Advisors that focus on Elite Service in order to meet the clients’ needs and expectations in their deals or transactions. It is this level of expertise that landed Sarah on the Saturday edition of the Today show.

Sarah Findel Luxury Real Estate Agent Business Innovators MagazineQ: Sarah, your success in real estate comes as no surprise after learning about your accomplishments prior to your real estate career. Can you give us a brief history?

A: Success in one industry is not necessarily guaranteed to translate into another. The real estate field is volatile, quirky and fickle to say the least. It is no wonder I stood the test of time but I truly believe that entrepreneurs innovate and build, take risks and transform, not only industries but society as a whole. It’s that ideology that helped me develop and expand my skills to reach a level worthy of note and respect.

Q: What lead you to the real estate industry?

A: In 2005 I was in the midst of ending a thirteen-year marriage that produced two beautiful daughters. At that point in time, I knew that our lives would never be the same. I sat down to write what my personal visions were moving forward. I wanted a career that offered the flexibility to be around whenever the girls needed me. Real estate seemed like the perfect choice.

Q: How is selling luxury properties different than selling in the common market?

A: Whether I am dealing with a potential luxury buyer or conducting a listing presentation for a seller contemplating on selling their luxury home, both  are particularly interested in being represented by a real estate advisor who is a similarity situated individual. In other words, in the luxury market, buyers and sellers are seeking a real estate professional who has personally bought or sold their own luxury home and can therefore more fully understand how to market and or present their best interest.

Q: What is the most common problem you see your clients have in selecting a property?

A: Interesting you should use the word “Common” because across the board in either the luxury market or the common market, the one constant I observe is “pricing.” Clients want it all for the least amount of money. Even when money is NOT an issue, they want to feel they received the most that they could have for their investment.

Q: Can you give me an example of how your experience in real estate has changed the priorities of a client from what they thought they wanted or needed in a property to what would truly fit their lives and make them happy?

A:  Many times I work with individuals that have not taken every detail of what should be considered in buying a property. Some do not take into consideration if they would be the “Big Fish in a Little Pond,” meaning, if they are purchasing the most expensive property in the neighborhood, the resale value is something that they wouldn’t have considered prior to working with me. Loving your home for the moment is fantastic but appreciation of value in the future must be considered as well.

Q: What are the top three questions your clients ask while showing a property?

 A: The top 3 questions that I’m most often asked is:

  1. How much can we get the home for?
  2. Why are they moving?
  3. What’s included in the sale?

Q:  If you were giving advice to an out-of-state friend who was in the market for a property, what would you suggest they look for in an agent?

A: Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions someone can make. A good working relationship is built on trust so first and foremost I always recommend that a buyer, whether purchasing locally or out of state, use an agent that has been referred to them by someone they know, like and trust. Referrals are an honor and nine times out of ten, will provide you with the service you deserve.  Secondly, I would recommend that once you have a name in hand that you check out this individual online including their personal and company website. This person will be representing you, is their brand and what they stand for in line with who you are as a person?

To learn more about Sarah visit:

Sarah Findel

An accomplished entrepreneur and innovative business woman, Sarah Findel brings her expectation of superior standards and her commitment to exceptional client service to her partnership with Engel & Völkers Monmouth County. Sarah offers her clients a discerning eye for luxury properties, intimate knowledge of the distinguishing features of each neighborhood, and creative, out-the-box solutions to successfully execute her clients’ transactions. Sarah prides herself on her professionalism and competence and is truly devoted to achieving her clients’ best interests.

Sarah has been widely recognized for business acumen and relentless execution. She has been featured in major magazines, newspapers, industry publications and has been on the Saturday edition of the Today show.

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