SoulFitness Founder Helps Clients and Audiences Turn Pain to Power

SoulFitness Founder Helps Clients and Audiences Turn Pain to Power
Wigren is the founder of, KalasFix, which provides a variety of entertainment services for children utilizing her background in theater and circus performance; and in 2008, she launched SoulFitness. In SoulFitness, she found a means of helping clients who are ready to push past the lasting effects of traumas and destructive habits and redirect their energies to finding and living their purpose.

The business catapulted Wigren to success on a global stage as a motivational speaker and expert personal recovery coach.  She says that clients and audiences can relate to her, feel her sincerity and have seen results from her training, teaching and talks.

“The difficulties we go through in life help us grow. And often, those who have conquered the biggest hurdles go on to accomplish their life’s mission in the most meaningful ways,” explained Wigren. 


She points to a client named Isabell who had grown up in domestic violence and its lasting effects. After taking Wigren’s Pain to Power and Become the Unique You courses, she began to realize her true vocation of helping others who had been through like experiences. Isabell went on to write a book about her experiences, won an award for best documentary on the subject and is lobbying for legislation related to child abuse.

Wigren’s ability to engage on a hyper-personal level with clients comes from openly sharing with them her own harrowing experiences. In 2004, she was in Khao Lak, Thailand when the tsunami struck. She climbed a tree to safety but the was left with post-traumatic stress that led to a series of destructive decisions and behaviors.

“I sat in the trauma for several years but I decided to “unstick” myself from the past, and use that resilience to help others,” said Wigren, who is also an Ambassador for the Global Woman Club of Sweden. “We all have stories. But our stories should not define us.”

Wigren, offers courses, one-on-one coaching and personal training sessions, workshops, physical training, lectures and more. For more information, go to or contact her at + 46 70 33 77 825 or ​

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