TC Bradley, Media and Publishing Expert, Discusses Publishing and Media Innovations

We recently sat down with publishing and media expert TC Bradley. TC is the CEO and President of and is the upcoming author of the soon-to-be-published book Instant Celebrity Status!: Establish Your DOMINANCE in Your Local Market by Using Major Media and Becoming a Best-Selling Author! 


Lisa: Welcome TC. Please tell us a little about your background.

TC: Thanks Lisa, I have a pretty diverse background but will give you a brief overview. After relocating to Florida from Chicago, my wife and I started a national direct sales company, which we grew to 1.6 million dollars in sales within the first 6 months, only to lose that company to a bad partnership. At the time of losing that company, the company was averaging 100k in sales a day, so that was a very tough experience to recover from. Instead of wallowing in my sorrows, I started investing in real estate, successfully, and in 2003, I launched my first website and successfully sold over a million dollars of product from my first product.

Lisa C. Williams

Lisa C. Williams is a exposureist and chief #momentum officer (CMO) of Smart Hustle Agency & Publishing. Lisa creates Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns that business owners, entrepreneurs and companies participate in which helps elevate their brand while being part of the solution to make the world better for others.

Lisa has helped hundreds of professionals get featured in the media and she has worked with over 50 business owners assisting them in becoming published and reaching best seller status.