The Abundance Illuminator, Sunita Koshal, Empowering Women and Guiding Them to Unleash Their Inner Sparkle

There are many varying perspectives on what it means to be happy in today’s world where new challenges and difficulties are the new normal and something individuals face daily. So many women are struggling to find fulfillment in their personal and professional lives and are realizing that the current state of the world just may require making major shifts to remain relevant. As priorities in life have changed, for many this has led to stepping out of comfort zones. Women have realised that they no longer want to live as they did but are not sure how to pivot and manage the change and understandably this can be quite scary. Sunita Koshal, known as The Abundance Illuminator, recognized these fears existed and decided to share her solution to eliminate fear and maximize success!

Sunita Koshal is one of the first 22 accredited Energy Alignment Method® Mentors worldwide, a Soul Journeys® Method Akashic Records Consultant, Abundance Oracle Card Reader, Advanced Reiki practitioner, Brain Gym expert, best-selling author, trainer, and speaker. In addition to her career and taking care of her family, Sunita has spent a substantial amount of time living in different parts of the world in search of personal fulfillment, the perfect lifestyle for her familyand exploring the world in search of people, experiences, and sights to marvel at and learn from. Since 2017, Sunita has worked on a more personal level with numerous individuals at events, group programs, and one-on-one to transform their energy and mindset to eliminate limiting thoughts and beliefs. 


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