Yvonne Vidal of My Legal PA Associates in Marbella discusses some of the legal and bureaucratic challenges that foreigners may encounter in Spain 

Yvonne VidalYvonne Vidal is the founder of My Legal PA Associates based in Marbella. The firm specialises in providing a complete range of legal, administrative, and consultancy services to foreigners throughout Spain, through a team of in-house professionals as well as through a network of strategic partners and connections.

Born and educated in the UK to Spanish parents, Yvonne had a traditional British education whilst, at the same time, she completed the Spanish ESO, the mandatory education required for all native Spaniards. Not only is she perfectly fluent in both Spanish and English but, having grown up in the UK and also being part of a large Spanish family, she has a deep understanding of both British and Spanish cultures.

During a career spanning more than 40 years, Yvonne Vidal has acquired an unprecedented amount of hands-on experience, from working in both corporate and private industry in the UK, USA, and Spain as well as for both the UK & Spanish governments. 

It is Yvonne Vidal´s experience that provides the foundation of My Legal PA Associates.

Ricardo Bache

Ricard0 Bache is a contributor to Business Innovators Magazine and focuses on sharing success stories and industry insights.