Yvonne Vidal of My Legal PA Associates in Marbella discusses some of the legal and bureaucratic challenges that foreigners may encounter in Spain 

So, you decided to bring different professionals together in-house?

Yes, indeed. My Legal PA Associates is an association of fully qualified professionals who work together, under one organisation, for the benefit of the client.                                            

In addition to our in-house team, we have a number of strategic partners; these are professionals who we trust and have particular skills that we need from time to time. 

We also have my network of connections acquired from many years of work experience within such fields as oil exploration, merchant banking, chartered accountancy, law, the media, diplomatic services, real estate, the courts and enforcement agencies, education and due diligence services.

Whilst our main offices are located in Marbella, it is our network of strategic partners and connections that allow us to serve clients anywhere in Spain.

What is your role within the organisation?

I have several roles within the organisation: as a paralegal, I act as the coordinator for the different professionals; as a consultant, I work directly with clients as a mediator and problem solver for cases that cannot be easily resolved and; as the due diligence officer, I handle any due diligence requirements. I am also in charge of growing our network of strategic partners and connections.

What services do you offer in-house at My Legal PA Associates?

Our aim is to support our clients in every aspect of their life in Spain, from the cradle to the grave or if you wish from the registration of a birth to an inheritance, including every step in between.

This leaves our clients free to concentrate on one thing only, enjoying their life in Spain with the confidence that whatever advice or support they need, whether it is for their business or family, whether they are in Marbella or Madrid, they can rely on us as their one-stop provider.

Essentially our core services are:

  • Immigration and residency
  • Driver and vehicle
  • Administration, legal, and property conveyance
  • Inheritance, wills, and retirement
  • Tax, accounting, and fiscal
  • Architecture, topography, and interior design
  • Civil and criminal litigation
  • Ceremonies /celebrant services
  • Relocation
  • Real Estate
  • Private Investigation services

However, we also tailor our services to the client´s needs, for example, we offer a different package to an entrepreneur, overseas investor or a start-up company to say a young family moving to Spain, or a couple looking to retire here.

If you would like advice regarding any of the services offered by My Legal PA Associates in Marbella or if you have any questions regarding matters that are not included in the list above, please contact Yvonne Vidal by telephone on +34 952 810 391 or +34 696 166 338 or by email info@mylegalpaassociates.com or visit their website www.mylegalpaassociates.com.

Ricardo Bache

Ricard0 Bache is a contributor to Business Innovators Magazine and focuses on sharing success stories and industry insights.