An Interview With Oksana Tsimpoaka: Women’s Wellness and Consciousness Mentor and Creator of the Women Empowerment Movement Driven by Faith

Introduce yourself! Share a little bit about yourself and what you do.

My name is Oksana Tsimpoaka, and I am a women’s wellness and consciousness mentor and creator of the Women Empowerment Movement Driven by Faith. I teach women to tap into their intuition and creativity to receive mind-blowing love, opportunities, health, and other juicy experiences. My clients and I have witnessed so many miracles that go against time and space. I walk through life by faith, not sight, and teach women to do the same. 

The women I work with are usually strong-headed high achievers –they have achieved a lot in their lives, and they’ve been very resilient in terms of what they have had to overcome to reach such success. 

They have taken responsibility in their healing and self-development work, but somehow still find themselves searching for that something that is missing – either it is a romantic relationship, health, joy, their purpose or something else. They find themselves still wanting to experience more creativity, joy and flow in their life – to witness the miracles and magic they used to believe in as a kid. I guide women in receiving effortlessly and to be open to the life force energy in them.


Tell us about your journey! What brought you to this point?

My own journey began when I realized that we can achieve a lot, but if we’re not in tune with our creative, innocent and child-like playfulness (that is still present in us when we were kids) – there is really no joy in whatever we are creating. It’s the whole experience that matters instead of achieving goals and reaching the next milestone. My awakening happened April 2022 through a painful heartbreak, after which I saw everything from a different light. I stopped looking for meanings and purpose and started to appreciate all that is being created – the good and the bad. I finally started to truly live instead of surviving or striving for something.


What kind of results do your clients get through working with you?

When it comes to manifestations in terms of travel, free gifts, love, fertility, health –the results have been mind-blowing! I have worked with women who were told they could not get pregnant (including myself) and boom – they conceived naturally! I had women who had eczema for over 20 years and it disappeared. My clients have received amazing love partners, unexpected job opportunities, free travel, started their businesses and generally started to feel like there is life finally bubbling in them. Their relationships even changed for the better, with kids, families and others.

I learned that there is a very clear process to how we receive, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the money, the business, the love, pleasure, if it’s good sex or anything else. The state of being is what matters on the path to receiving and this is what I guide women on – to always be in that receptive mode. After that, I started to witness so many miracles in my life and the lives of my clients. There is really no space and time. 

For example, a couple of months ago, before I went to bed, I playfully said to myself, ‘I want to have a free holiday.’ I was very peaceful when I went to bed. The next morning, I woke up to a message from an amazing woman Kimberly with whom I used to be in a course with. She texted me and said: ‘Oksana, I’m running a retreat this summer in July in Greece. I would like you to be part of it. I’m going to pay for everything. All you need to do is to show up and deliver your workshop and enjoy it.’ Well, ‘Thank you, Universe!’ That is exactly what I asked for! 

However, the way it manifests is never known to us and it’s very important to remain detached from the how.


What’s your technique? Is this a law of attraction?

Usually people believe the manifestation to be this process: let’s ask for it, then let’s work through the resistance, then let’s work on the emotions, then lets really visualize it, go after it, and then put commitment towards really making it happen through planning and so on. 

However, my technique is not about fixing anything its more about becoming the observer without judgment by leaning into your resistance and emotions with love and acceptance instead of trying to change them. In doing so, you allow it to naturally flow through you instead of consuming you. This creates space for miracles to flow in, sometimes instantly.  A good way to explain would be to use the Super Mario Games as an example. A lot of times we as humans believe that we are Mario in the game – fully immersed in it, leveling up all the time, receiving gifts and the skills to do so. We fight the boss, we win, we have an amazing time and we also get disappointed when we “fail”. The goal is to reach the end of the game as fast as possible with as many points as possible like many people do as they go through life chasing the next level. 

When really we are the ones behind the Mario game; the one who created the Mario game. Mario represents our human form. The creator of Mario represents our consciousness. When you understand that you are the creator (consciousness) -that you created your own avatar who is your human form – you can start playing against time and space because everything your avatar experienced was already created by you. When we realize that we are not the Avatar, we gain much more wisdom in a sense of the divine power within us to continue to create mind blowing experiences through natural unfolding and surrender. This is my gift that I can’t wait to share with even more women. 

Luana Ribeira

Luana Ribeira is a best selling author, international speaker and host of business Innovators Radio.