Anna-Lena Rosen, owner at Nordica Sales & Rentals, discusses winning the REAS Marbella Award for the People´s Best Agency 2015

Ricky: Once you have identified the needs of the client what is the next step?

Anna-Lena: This where our expertise comes into play. Having specialized in the area of Nueva Andalucia for more than 25 years we know the area like the back of our hand and, based on the client´s needs, we will look through both our own exclusive listings as well as properties that we have available through our network of agents that we work with, to find the properties that most closely match their requirements.

Ricky: Aside from establishing clearly your clients´ needs and using your expertise to locate the correct property, are there any other factors that come into play?

Anna-Lena: Yes indeed, and this is probably the most important, the mindset of our team at Nordica, from the sales and rentals team all the way through to the administration, maintenance and customer support. Each one of our staff members is selected not only for their professionalism, but more importantly, because they are all dedicated to working for the best interests of our clients.

Ricky: Do you think it is this final quality that has lead Nordica Sales & Rentals to win the REAS People´s Best Agency 2015 award in Marbella.

Anna-Lena: Absolutely, I am so proud of all of our staff in having helped us to achieve this award and know that we can all feel, as a team, that the extra work put into listening to our clients, the extra diligence that we put into finding the right property and the extra effort that we put into making sure that our clients can trust us has all been worthwhile. [Back…]

Nordica at REAS 2015

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REAS People´s Best Agency 2015

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