Business Coach Amy McNally Shares Her Inspiring Journey And Success Secrets


Amy McNally is a business coach who is an expert in helping women increase their income. She focuses on helping female entrepreneurs create and sell their signature offers. In this interview, Amy shares her inspiring journey, success secrets, and key actions you can learn from. 


Izdihar: How did you start your Entrepreneurship journey?

Amy: I was working as a marriage and family therapist, but I was really unhappy. I wanted to help others, but I knew that being a therapist was not sustainable for me long term as it was negatively impacting my well-being. I wanted to find an alternate career that allowed me to still help others, but I was not sure if what I envisioned even existed. I ended up coming across an ad for life-coaching and it checked off all the boxes I wanted in a career. I decided to get certified as a coach and was able to leave my career as a therapist to pursue coaching full time. Becoming an entrepreneur was one of the greatest blessings that have ever happened. 


Izdihar: Who inspired you to start your business?

Amy: Seeing the ad was a huge catalyst for me to start my coaching business. It put words and language to a profession I didn’t know existed. However, it was not until I got into the world of coaching that I became truly inspired by other women who were creating success as a coach. It was not one person but rather a collective of powerful women showing me what was possible. I thought to myself if she could do it, so could I. Once I discovered online coaching it was like this whole other world opened to me. It was fascinating to see the diverse types of coaches and the work they were doing. 

Izdihar: What type of services or products do you offer?

Amy: I offer private coaching, as well as a group program that helps entrepreneurs create and sell their own offers online. I also offer retreats in Maui Hawaii!

Izdihar: What is the best part of being an Entrepreneur?

Amy: The freedom! The freedom to make my own schedule, be my own boss, utilize my creativity, have the ability to earn unlimited money, and ultimatley create a positve impact on others. 

Izdihar: What is the most challenging part about being an Entrepreneur?

Amy: A lot of people don’t realize how much goes into being an entrepreneur. It is our job to create, market, and deliver our offers, build, and maintain relationships with our clients and potential clients, and ensure our clients are achieving their goals. Then there is the tech aspect, which can include creating and updating websites, email marketing, course platforms, shopping carts, and sales pages. There are a lot of tasks that go into creating a sustainable and joyful business but in the end, it is all worth it. 

Izdihar: What are your biggest lessons about being an Entrepreneur?

Amy: Follow your heart. The entrepreneurial world is noisy. There are a lot of gurus and experts claiming that their way is the only way to create and build a successful business and that’s just not true. I teach my clients to build a business that is aligned with them and their values. There are multiple ways to create success as an entrepreneur. It is about finding the way that works best for you. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to try new things. Taking action helps you gain clarity even if the clarity allows you to see how you don’t want to run your business.

Izdihar: How are you different from other Entrepreneurs in the same industry?

Amy: There are three major things that set me apart from others.

1. My heart. I genuinely care about my clients. They are not just a number to me. I know them on a personal level. I know their spouses, children, and pets as well as their goals and aspirations.

2. My background. I have a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy as well as clinical experience as a therapist. Because of this, I can identify patterns and behaviors that are keeping you stuck within minutes as well as provide the tools to help you move through them.

3. The diverse methodology that I bring to the table. Using my S.E.E. method I bring in elements of business strategy, energetics, as well as emotional clearing. It is extremely important to me that you feel your best as a person first and foremost because that will help create long-term success in your business. 

Izdihar: What are your top 3 advice to other Entrepreneurs/your niche?

Amy: Here are my top 3 advice…

  1. Check in and see if you’re truly happy with your current business model. I know this may seem odd but there are times when women are just going through the motions and not lit up by their business anymore. Sometimes it just takes small pivots to reignite that passion and other times it means we are starting from scratch and both are perfectly normal.
  2. Simplify! I had so much resistance to this for a long time and honestly I missed out on a lot of money beacuse of it. I thought I needed to create a program for all of my passions which left me constantly creating, launching, or delivering my programs. You can be multi-passionate and still create one powerful signature offer. Less is more. 
  3. Show up consistently. The truth is, there are people out there in this exact moment that need what you offer but how are they supposed to find you and fall in love with you and your offer if you’re not showing up? With that in mind, keep going. I know there will be days you want to give up because it feels like nothing is working. Take a moment to re group and then get back to it. You will be happier building your own dream vs working for someone elses. 

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