Conversion Strategies with Antonio Rillera

Antonio Rillera - Conversion StrategistOnline Conversion Specialist, Antonio Rillera, examines some obvious and not so obvious reasons websites and landing pages can fail to generate leads and sales. Antonio explains why one size doesn’t fit all and that only by testing will you know what works best for your offer. 

He is a web designer. He’s an entrepreneur. A conversion strategist, but I’ll go so far as to say a conversion specialist. And I would say an influencer in a very big way because he helps businesses influence their prospects. Influence their future customers to come into their funnel to allow sales to happen.

Now, I was talking before the break about the difference between lead generation website, landing pages and copy, specifically versus sales type of generation. And a lot of people don’t make that distinction, but Antonio’s very, very good at knowing when to use which types of copy.

But not just that. A lot of things that we may not think of. A lot of subtle things that can affect the success of a landing page in a big, big way.

Antonio, how are you doing? Welcome.

Antonio:Doing well. Doing well. Thank you. Thank you for having me on the show.

Jack:Well, a lot of people, one, the work that you do is seen a lot of different places and people may not realize that. I know that you have done work with the hugely popular Lead Pages, which I’m a big, big fan of. But also you do a lot of web and landing page design for some pretty big hitters in all types of different industries.

And what I want to find out is what is it that these folks know that are working with conversions that a lot of people that are just putting up their landing pages, just getting into lead generation, those mistakes that they are making.

So let’s start off with talking about why design. Why design of landing pages is so important for the success of a campaign.

Antonio:For sure. Yeah, design is so crucial to the success of a campaign or the conversion rate on landing pages mainly because there are subtle things that are happening on a page that influence someone to take action.

So that’s what we want them to do. We want them to convert to a lead. We want them to take action, whether it’s putting their email in, putting a phone and an email in, or simply moving into a purchase.

Jack Mize

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