Journey From Failure to a Life on Fire

Nick Unsworth

Jack Mize talks with Facebook Expert and Life On Fire founder and hugely influential entrepreneur, Nick Unsworth.

Jack and Nick dig deep into the seemingly endless encounters with life obstacles and business failures that made Nick Unsworth, founder of Life On Fire,  the inspirational success he is today.

When so many would have given up and given in, Nick is a prime example of the philosophy that every millionaire entrepreneur is simply a newbie that didn’t quit.

Jack: Today, is great because I get to not only dig into this next guest, but also get to catch up. It’s been a few months since I talked to him, so I’m eager to catch up and to see what he’s doing. And also, the meteoric movement that he’s creating for both himself and the folks that he works with.

And today, our guest is none other than the host of Life on Fire TV, Pay it Forward Friday TV. This guy, I mean, you’re going to hear a dramatic contrast, but what he touches turns into gold. Number one on iTunes for the Business category for video podcast within a week of launching.

Number one in the Entrepreneur Inspiration Show on iTunes. This guy, from listening, and you see what he’s doing now, you’re going to think, man, it just comes easy. But I can tell you nothing is further from the truth.

Welcome, Nick Unsworth. How’re you doing, Nick?

Nick:Dude, I’m doing great. I’m really excited to be here and I’m fired up, man.

Jack:Well, be fired up. Because people see, I see that people, when your name comes up, aw, man, Nick, you know, he’s on fire (no pun intended). Nick, he’s doing some great stuff. I’m following Nick Unsworth. Man, I work with Nick Unsworth and we’ve got this, this and this happening.

And it’s like the dude’s got the Midas Touch. But all I can think about is, I don’t know when it was, two or three years ago. I’m sitting in a Japanese restaurant in San Diego, California, and sitting right next to me is Nick. And my first thought is, oh, great, who’s teenager did I get stuck sitting next to? Right?

And we started talking and he proceeded to tell me every, I mean, you want to talk about someone that can just find the right or wrong thing to do at the wrong time. And he proceeded to lay out failure after failure after failure. Enough failures to fill up the story of a sixty-plus-year-old man. And I’m looking at Nick, who to me looked like a teenager, and I know you’re a few months older than that. But how has this guy gone through this and he has a smile on his face?!

This is a guy that has, if anything, if you believe in bad luck, he’s a guy that had it stare him in the face and he just would not acknowledge it. And I really want to dig into that transformation, because I’ve always believed and I’ve seen that every successful millionaire entrepreneur, marketer, business owner, is just simply a newbie that didn’t quit.

And I think you, quit wasn’t in your vocabulary through this. So let’s dig right into that, Nick. There’s no way that we can dig into everything that you’ve done, but I want to start with what is it that kept you going? Can you give us a couple of examples of what is it that kept you going and to make that turnaround?

Nick:You know, it’s crazy. I can’t even describe the level of goosebumps and hair raising, as you were going through and talking about it. Cause I share my stories. I pick and choose, you know, and share certain stories when I’m, you know, to build some connections.

But what’s crazy is I very rarely go all the way back to when I first became an entrepreneur and really reinvent some of the most insane moments. And I think a big part of it is ever since I was a little kid, I always knew what I wanted. I mean, I just got really, I knew what I wanted and I wanted to love what I did for work.

And that was because of how I was raised. It was my mom saying things like you can do anything you put your mind to. And I just believed that I could eventually figure it out.

And that’s something that not everyone is born with. And that’s something that having the belief in yourself, and knowing that even though I failed so miserably so many different times, I always knew in the back of my head that that was just getting me one step closer to when I was going to make it.

And now, I didn’t think it was going to take me ten years. I thought it was going to happen in a couple of years. You know, I look at my peers and those guys. Shoot, John Lee Dumas. The guy in eighteen months is making over a hundred grand a month and he makes it look easy.

And that’s the difference between Michael Jordan and a guy like me, that I’m the first one in the gym and I’m the last to leave because I don’t have the raw skills. You know? The runt in the litter, if you will. And so that was one.

And on the other side was my father really inspired me because this guy’s literally the hardest working man I’ve ever met in my entire life. And he, his mission was to provide. And so for me as a kid, though, that left me seeing my dad always be working and always being gone and being very stressed out and working in a very tough industry.

Jack Mize

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