Journey From Failure to a Life on Fire

And reading the books and knowing that every entrepreneur has a number. You know? Every entrepreneur, you might have to fail at three businesses. If we all were guaranteed to have, not just a million dollars, right? But let’s just say we’re guaranteed to have this amazing financial freedom.

This perfect life with time freedom, where you’re still living with purpose and you have a business that’s helping people and giving back and you’re fulfilled and you’re happy, cause money will never give that stuff to you, but you’ve got to, you’re doing something meaningful with your work, and all that is at the end of, that’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, right?

And to get it, if you knew that there was a certain number of businesses you had to fail at to get that perfect, serene, blissful life that everyone dreams about when a little kid, how many business failures would you go through?

Now, the thing that’s really messed up is no one knows. You don’t know what your number is. So for some guys, shoot, like John McGinnis, the guy opting for the corporate career. He didn’t like it. And then he built his podcast and so he didn’t even have a failure per se. But he turned from one business to the next and built. So maybe his number is two.

In my case, my number is like literally, it’s probably nineteen or twenty-one. I mean, it’s up there. So how many failures do you need? How many business do you need to go through before you find that sweet spot? Once you’re in alignment where you’re doing what you love every single day, where it doesn’t feel like work.

I know for you, Jack, I mean, us hanging on a line like this and sharing stories back and forth, this isn’t work. And if this inspires one person to have the courage to go towards their dream and say, screw it, I’m going to fail forward fast. And I’m going to, you know, if it takes me three failures and it takes me five years, who cares? Because the light at the end of the tunnel is so friggin’ bright and warm and amazing and worth it – then I’ll do it.

So I knew that I would eventually. I had that belief that I would eventually get it. And thank God that I did.

Jack:Well, and I’m going to tell you, one of the things that definitely makes you an influencer is that you can sit and talk about your stories, because you’ve been in the real estate business. You’ve gone through some network marketing stuff. Every story you have, there’s not a person, there’s not a room that doesn’t have at least one or two people in there that will instantly jump up and say, me, too! Right? Me, too.

And you’re the guy that not just has a story that one or two people resonate with, you’re the guy that has stories that a whole room full of people can resonate with, because you’ve done so many things. And not to sound derogatory, but you’ve failed at so many things. Even things that people would be successful at, considered a success, seem to turn around and whip you, because of the timing when you would get into it.

And the thing is, the time that I’ve spent with you in person and we’ve been in person around people, lots of different types of people that need inspiration. Other people that are successful and just need a little mindset shift. And your passion around what you do, which we’ll talk about. I’m sure we’ll get to your Facebook stuff. But it’s infectious.

You know, just your smile and your laughter and your passion for what you do is infectious, even through the beat down that you’ve taken on some of the things that you’ve tried.

I really want to hear the story about when you put together something that everything on the surface looked like you had something that was just ready to rock it, and not only was it good for you but it was good for the community. It was charity. It was everything. Man, it looked like it was gold. And it still found a way to pull the rug out from under you. You know what I’m talking about. Right?

Nick:Yeah. Oh, I do, yup. These thoughts are coming right back.

Well, I mean, it’s one of these things where my mother always used to say things like, you know, look for the good in any situation, no matter how awful it may be. I mean, it could even be things like critical illnesses or something like my random knee surgery before a charity event.

You know, like thirty-two-year-old guy with the knee that blows out. And just like random weird stuff. But like at the end of the day, it’s always looking at the positive and keeping your chin up, because there’s literally no point in being a victim and being sad about things.

I mean, if you think about it, it’s not, it’s all about how quickly you get up. You know? That’s the relentlessness and the relentless pursuit of your dreams and how quickly you get back up is what everything’s about. And that’s what makes for an entrepreneur that can never be stopped.

You know, once you learn how to make money and you find that niche and you’re in alignment, you’re totally good to go. So in that situation, finding the positive, that’s what I have to do. And that’s when, in this particular part of the journey where I set up this thing.

I was a realtor. Being a realtor at the time, that is just, I literally, to put it into perspective, I moved across the country to work on a lending project. Moved my girlfriend at the time out there with me. And everything was supposed to be good. A huge opportunity. I was going to partner with this guy, like, one of my best buds in the business.

Jack Mize

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