Dan Conneally PA Real Estate Leader Interview


Welcome to Business Innovators Magazine…Please introduce yourself and a brief thumbnail of your background.

DC: Hello and thank you for the opportunity. My name is Dan Conneally of Tampa Florida. I am a fulltime Real Estate Professional and a full time Dad. My son recently graduated Florida State University, debt free! He was in the Marching Band and JUST landed his first professional job!

My business is made up of Florida families that have unique circumstances which require specialized solutions in accessing their equity and home ownership. We specialize in special needs.

BI: What would you say is the area in business that you are most passionate about and why?

DC:  I am most passionate about Real Estate. Everything Real Estate. The Buying part. The Selling part. The Financing part. The Fixing & Repairing part. Why am I passionate about real estate?  It’s been a lifelong dream since I was 12 that I am now coming into full stride on.

BI: How are you different than your competitors?

DC: I am different from any so called competition because I am an Advocate for the Borrower/Buyer. I go way beyond the typical buy/sell/finance relationship as evidenced by my 5 star reviews on social media. In addition, I maintain relationships that keep me on the cutting edge of actionable strategies that I can then provide to my clients to satisfy their unique needs.

BI: Please tell me about any recent business accomplishments that you are most proud of and why?

DC: As I look over the last 18 years the one accomplishment that stands out the most is the Jill & Andrew Smith transaction. They were set to close on a sale of an investment property of theirs. The proceeds of the sale were to complete the adoption of their second child. This second child was a sibling of their first so it was of paramount importance to keep the kids together. Unfortunately, the buyer’s financing fell through. Before panic set in, Jill and Andrew search the internet for hard money/special needs financing and found me. After reading my reviews they were hopeful that I could do for them what I have done for others. We were under a serious time crunch as they needed the money in less than 7 days or the child would go to another family. Everyone’s heart was on the line. My team and I were able to close the transaction in 3 days, provide the cash necessary to facilitate the adoption and keep the family together.

You can see their review here. https://www.facebook.com/ahlhardmoney/posts/152364863777819

BI: What Leadership qualities in Leaders do you most admire and why?

DC: The leadership quality I admire most in leaders is Passion. Whether it’s Steve Jobs, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Hill, Neville Goddard, Rush Limbaugh, Neil Peart, Tom Brady or Tony Robbins one thing they all have in common is Passion. They are passionate about what they do. What they do is innate in who they are. I recognized this at an early age. I knew if I could identify that in myself, I’d live a dream, never to work a J-O-B.

BI: What has been a key element of your success?

DC: I have discovered that there are a number of keys to success. Among them I place a high value on Patience and Persistence. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is something I like to remember when I grow frustrated when things aren’t moving along as I would have them. Just recently I felt as if things came to a standstill. Instead to grow worrisome, I marinated in the apparent pause, welcoming it. The next day 4 things happened that sent me reeling into action! The universe works in interesting ways. It’s my duty to be ever present, patient and persistent.

BI: What are some of the business projects that you are currently working on that you are excited about and why?

DC: Over the last 18 years, 93% of my professional life has been centered around real estate mortgage financing. I would participate in real estate transactions only accidently, a handful of times per year. I am now putting intelligent strategies into place that enable me to take part in real estate transactions on purpose, routinely. I am very excited about this because it represents to me a professional wholeness that I have sought my entire life. What started out as a J.O.B. has become a career and now is transforming into a life style.

BI: What are 1 or 2 things you would like to say to a prospective client who stumbles across this interview?

DC: To a perspective client that has unique real estate needs, I would say call me. We are always ready to help. Let’s review your situation and design a program to get you and your family taken care of.

BI: To wrap this up, what are you most excited about in the upcoming months in your business?

DC: In the upcoming months I am most excited about putting into place certain strategies (mentioned above) that will simultaneously create a pathway for me to help more Florida families on a deeper level and award me with a sense of achievement that has been a life long pursuit.


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