Elizabeth King- International Fertility Coach Shares Her Inspiring Journey And Success Secrets

Elizabeth King is an International Fertility Coach who is an expert in Fertility, Miscarriage Loss and New Parent Education. She focuses on helping women to help them to navigate their fertility journey and find the path to parenthood that is right for them in a faster, calmer way while thriving in life during the process. In this interview, Elizabeth King shares her inspiring journey, success secrets and key actions that you can learn from.


Izdihar: How did you start your Entrepreneurship journey?

Elizabeth: Since 2000 I have been an entrepreneur in the corporate marketing space. Then in 2009 I also started a life coaching business that parlayed into my current fertility business in 2018. I started Fertility Coaching after my own experience with struggling to conceive because I saw and felt the pain that women were experiencing on a deep level. I was called to fill that void by helping to serve and support women and couples going through their own fertility journey. 


Izdihar: Who inspired you to start your business?

Elizabeth: All the women across the globe that so desperately want to be a mother inspired me to start my business. They continue to inspire me to this day because I believe that we can all be parents, we just need to find the best way for each of us to get there. 


Izdihar: What type of services or products do you offer?

Elizabeth: Through 1:1 personalized coaching, I find the right solution for each individual to help them become a parent. On the other hand, my group coaching program, Keep Calm and Fertility On, was created so women can relate to others that are going through a similar fertility journey. The Fertility Coach Academy, my certification program, is for other aspiring Fertility Coaches. I also offer Mamas After Miscarriage, a self-paced guide to healing your mind, body and spirit after miscarriage loss, and New Mom Masterclass, a course for expecting parents to learn all they need to know to go into parenthood with confidence and peace of mind.


Izdihar: What is the best part of being an Entrepreneur?

Elizabeth: The best part of being an Entrepreneur is having the ability to control your destiny from a financial and scheduling perspective. 


Izdihar: What is the most challenging part about being an Entrepreneur?

Elizabeth: The most challenging part about being an Entrepreneur is having to wear all the hats and manage all aspects of the business. 

Izdihar: What are your biggest lessons about being an Entrepreneur?

Elizabeth: Always make sure to have great people around you that you trust to help you with the growth of your business. 

Izdihar: How are you different from other Entrepreneurs in the same industry?

Elizabeth: I am different from other Entrepreneurs in the Fertility industry because I look at each individual from a holistic perspective when finding the best way for them to become a parent. Together, we then focus on health, nutrition, lifestyle, plus the mental aspect. We need all of those things to come together and work cohesively in order to become pregnant or we will work to find an alternate path to parenthood that is perfect for each person.

Izdihar: What are your top 3 advice to other Entrepreneurs?

Elizabeth: My top 3 pieces of advice for other entrepreneurs are

  1. Consult with an accountant before you get started.
  2. Talk with other Entrepreneurs who are successful in what they are doing and get to know what makes them successful.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to your competition. People want to hear what you have to say no matter how many other people out there are doing the same work.

Izdihar: What’s your secret to balancing your family, business and ME time?

Elizabeth: My secret to balancing life is putting and keeping everything on my calendar. Schedule “family” time on your calendar, “me” time, “work” time, etc. The fact that you have it on your calendar will hold you accountable for the things and people you spend your time with.

Izdihar: What’s 1 key action that anybody can take today to move closer to their goals?

Elizabeth: Write down your current goals and then create a future gratitude list of what you’re going to be grateful for once you have reached those goals.

Izdihar: Do you have any free gifts to offer? 

Elizabeth: I offer many free downloads on my website and educational information through my podcast, Pretty Little Tribe.

Izdihar: How can people get in touch with you?

People can find me at www.elizabethking.com, on Instagram @elizabethking_coaching and on my Podcast: Pretty Little Tribe. 

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