“If You’re Stuck In Your Business, If You Don’t Know How To Grow, Create A Program”

I have a membership site, I have the audio recording, the video recording, and I have transcripts.

That’s not how it was when I first started. Instead of thinking that you have to have all these fancy pieces in place beforehand, start with where you are. Start with what you are comfortable with. Use whatever free and easy tools you already have and don’t make it complicated. You can add the rest later.

People really don’t care about the dozen resources, they want to have the results that you’re promising.

Zaza Giroday: Do you have client stories you could share?

Yes, one of them, Michelle, offered her pilot program just three or four months ago. Up until then, she had done some workshops and one-on-one coaching. She didn’t have anything tangible. She created her very first course. We went through a process of identifying what would the best delivery, how it would fit into what she already did, how it fit her style, etc. She made $3600 on just her pilot and on a really low-priced program.

This is just the beginning because now her program exists, now she got those files, now it’s a business asset that she can use for years to come. She’s about to launch the second take. She feels she can get as many people as she wants from that class. Now she can talk with joint venture partners. She can say “I am the creator of this course, I have so many successful graduates.” It gives her so much more credibility than even having a book.

I have another client, her name is Wendy. She created her first program, she ran it, and she had two surgeries. She couldn’t walk anywhere, she couldn’t go anywhere. She did the whole entire delivering of the content sitting on her chair. She got a mastermind out of it, she’s going to try to do an event around that program now, and she is getting one-on-one clients out of it. People see her now and say: “You are the expert and I want to work with you.” Lots of different positive outcomes just by creating an online program.

Zaza Giroday: Alina, where should our readers go if they want to know more about program creation and your live 3-day event?

 Alina Vincent: I’ve put together something special for them on www.businesssuccessedge.com/HPP.


Isabelle Giroday

A long time international journalist (Knight Ridder Financial News/Reuters), Isabelle Giroday is a contributor for the Huffington Post, Small Business Trendsetters, CNN iReport, USA Today and Talk Show Host at Business Innovators Radio.

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