Stephen Kodad Trains Realtors How to Sell Property Fast Using Feng Shui

Staging homes to sell quickly using the ancient Chinese principals of Feng Stephen Kodad Trains Realtors How to Sell Property Fast Using Feng ShuiShui worked so well during Stephen Kodad’s real estate career, he started a business around the concept. His company, The Feng Shui Cure, teaches the art of transforming environments to create magnets for success. This is done through his best-selling books, workshops, seminars and presentations at industry events.  As of 2015, he has trained over 3,700 real estate agents, homeowners and home stagers in how to use these techniques.

With a special interest in psychology and how decisions are made on a subconscious level, Stephen focuses on ways to enhance the positive aspects of a home while minimizing anything negative. Potential buyers can then be convinced that a home has everything they are looking for. I spoke with him to learn more about his expertise as a Certified Feng Shui Professional.

Stephanie: You went from selling real estate to training real estate agents how to sell property quickly using Feng Shui. What prompted you to switch?

Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller is a best selling author and executive producer for PROFOUND Programs--niche shows spotlighting influencers, innovators and trendsetters in their industries.