An Inside Look: Meet Sha (Sadie-Sha) of AriSha™ in Our Second Part Series of The Many Faces of AriSha™

In our continuing Special Edition series of The Many Faces of AriSha™, I met again with the beautiful, inside and out, amazingly successful, sweet hearted, Sadie-Sha Turner (She, They). I enjoyed our time together immensely as we delved further into Sadie-Sha’s life and truly incredible success.

Sha, as we will refer to Sadie-Sha as in our shared conversation below, is also Co-CEO of AriSha™Diversified along with Ariel Miller. Sha manages the sales and media activities of AriSha™Diversified and related companies. Those who have been following the series may remember that AriSha™ is the combination of both Ariel’s and Sadie-Sha’s name: AriSha™.

Carol: Hi Sha! How are you today?

Sha: Hi Carol, I’m great. Thank you. I’m thrilled to share more with the readers.

Carol: It is always such a pleasure to get together with you. Your energy is infectious and your background and success are incredible. How do you feel about us sharing a bit about your background first?

Sha: Of course, Carol.

Carol: I heard a remarkable bit of information re: your grandfather which is quite interesting. Please share.

Sha: I have a multi-cultural and ethnic background. My paternal grandfather was an actual freed slave from Georgia. I believe I am the youngest person alive with an actual paternal grandparent who was a slave.

Carol: You are 42, correct?

Sha: Yes, but forever 28 or so!

Carol: I hear you. How did you discover that about your grandfather? I find that incredible.

Sha: When I was younger, my mother would drive us to Georgia to visit my father’s family. He passed away when I was 3 weeks old due to heart failure. During those childhood trips, we bonded more and learned our history. One fond memory was of my uncle, who had a juke joint and candy shop. You can only imagine the times then. Historically speaking, it just adds up.

Carol: Managing the sales and media activities makes such perfect sense. As I understand it, you also have quite a bit of background and experience in media.

Sha: Yes. I graduated from the State University of New York at Albany with a major in International Business and Latin Caribbean Studies. Following graduation, I began working as a media personality and spokesperson, with roles ranging from interviewing adult models during the AVN Awards to being a sports correspondent during Super Bowl week in Tampa.

Carol: That was quite an immediate success. How did you gain those positions so shortly after graduation?

Sha: Location is key. I moved from NY to FL to pursue my career and apply everything I learned. I had been working since I was 11, born in NY and I kept that winning empire state of mind.

Carol: Please continue. From there, you:

Sha: I wrote, produced and starred in a weekly entertainment show on the CW Network, as well as being a morning drive anchor on Central Florida’s leading Spanish language morning TV news and entertainment show. I edited and printed a monthly tabletop magazine and developed and managed a full video enabled website years prior to YouTube.

My media talents transitioned into a corporate media development role which led to a corporate marketing and advertising Vice Presidency and finally to my becoming CEO for a multinational personal care company.

In 2014, I was chosen by the Indian International Film Academy (IIFA) in Mumbai, India to be the American representative for women empowered commerce, for the 2014 ‘Bollywood’ Awards – a multi-day event that was held in the US for the first time ever that year.

I was a platinum sponsor participant as, holding education and product seminars, continuously throughout the week.

Carol: I have to commend you on your success, Sha. It is obvious that you are quite driven. As if what you have shared so far isn’t quite amazing, I understand you also have live streaming success and quite an interest in nutrition and obviously in keeping in such great shape.

Sha: Thank you Carol. I was one of the first of the world’s popular live streamers setting records on Periscope and other live streaming services, amassing over four million followers and over two billion minutes watched from live streaming content prior to 2017.

My content formed the basis of successful workout programs like J20 Workout, which supported a well-known fitness nutrition product, remember I mentioned my dad earlier, well knowing heart disease runs in my family has been a factor in my daily fitness choices. I also enjoy jewelry making which led to a highly successful jewelry design, manufacturing, and sales business, among other notable successes, and one of the largest crowd funding sites in history.

Carol: Beyond successful Sha. Btw, AriSha’s jewelry line is wonderful.

Sha: Thank you Carol. Branding is important to me; for example, SolRay™ Jewelry, sol, meaning “sun”, and ray. We capture the sun’s rays to harness their far infrared energy. The clear stones in our pieces are all emissive beads and crystals. They take the thermal energy from your body and circulate to help your cells become healthier. Far Infrared helps battle against EMF radiation from cell towers, etc. and blue light damage from screen use. We are bombarded constantly with EMF, especially in the new era of 5G. SolRay™ is a beautiful way to increase your body’s cellular health.

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