An Interview With Holistic Menopause Coach and Educator, Clarissa Kristjansson


Going through those changes, is it going to reflect on every area of their life? 

Absolutely. Menopause reflects on your relationships as it has an impact on them. We can be moody, grumpy, we can have low libido, and we feel that we want to shut people out. We feel they don’t understand and that creates friction. 

If we’re very tired and feeling foggy, then what happens with our relationships at work? We don’t show up in meetings in the right way. We might lose our thread in a very important meeting and then we feel bad about that. It’s not that easy to say, ‘hang on a minute, I’m just having a brain fog moment,’ when you’re in a room full of men or people who don’t understand; they kind of roll their eyes.  

There are discussions that we should have, but we’re still on a journey towards that point in a lot of industries and in a lot of countries. But it’s important to ask yourself how does the menopause make you feel about you and your relationship with yourself? Ask yourself who you are and if you’re losing a sense of who you were then how are you going to shape your new self? A new purpose, a new identity. But how does it make you feel about you and your relationship with yourself? Who am I? If I’m losing the sense of who I was, how am I going to shape a new self, a new purpose, a new destiny? These questions all form a reflective journey. 


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